Roja 15th October 2020 Written Update: Arjun and Roja doing vilakku poojai

Roja 15th October 2020 Written Update on

The next day Anu is in temple Yasodha and Balu complains to Anu that she has no fear that’s why standing here lethargically without planning anything to ruin the pooja. Anu replies to them how will she allow that Roja to win the competition when Sakthivel’s family is here she must loss in it that’s why she fixed the camera in her bangle. She narrate to her how did she fixed it on her bangle.

Vedhavalli doing flower Archana to god then ask Kathir and Arjun to do vilakku pooja. If they choose the same vilakku then their life will be beautiful. Arjun ask Annapoorna to bless them she says to them they are not gonna win in it and she didn’t accept her as daughter-in-law of the house so drop the plan.he alert her that Sakthi is watching.

Arjun whispering to Roja if she fall on Annapoorna feet now she will defintely bless her. Arjun and Roja fell on her feet she blessed them. Roja kissed Annapoorna. Arjun says to Sakthivel that Annapoorna likes Roja a lot without option she too nods with him. Sakthi praised their bond. Vedavelli ask them to do vilakku pooja.

Roja and Poovarasi praying to god. Roja ask to god to change Annapoorna opinion on her and make her accept her. Both were choosing vilakku Anu and Yasodha spying them through camera. Roja choose Vinayakar vilakku and Poovarasi Perumal vilakku. Suddenly Anu camera connection disconnected. Yasodha says to her that they knew which vilakku she chose so lets hide it from there. Both removed vinayakar vilakku from there.

Temple bell rang Vedavalli ask Arjun and Kathir to go and bring vilakku. Arjun checking all one by one and choose Lakshmi vilakku and Kathir same as Poovarasi. Anu and Yasodha feels happy seeing him chose Lakshmi vilakku and says to her that they gonna return to home in tears. Arjun and Kathir returned with vilakku. Vedavalli ask them to place it down. Arjun keep it down for everyone surprise Roja too chose the same vilakku. Everyone turns happy except Anu and Yasodha. Same happens with Kathir and Poovarasi. They praised their jodi. Annapoorna ask to Vedavalli to say about Anu she moves from there silent.

Anu asking to Yasodha how did vilakku got changed? She replies to her she has no idea about it. Arjun comes there and inform to her they already knew she fixed camera on her bangle though they didn’t remove it because they don’t wanna alert her. He gives that camera to her and ask her to keep it safe.

Sakthivel staring his school group photo Arjun find out Shenbakam and Sakthi in it. He called everyone there and ask Anu to find the surprise she hesitates and stands there. She blabbered something to him so he ask to Roja she find out it simply. Annapoorna turns emotional seeing the picture.