Roja 16th October 2020 Written Update: Anu got Current shock

Roja 16th October 2020 Written Update on

Anu saying to Annapoorna Roja doesn’t care about her because she is an outsider. Sakthi ask to her what outsider? Annapoorna manage him by saying she married to this house her parents were in Dubai. Anu ask to Roja doesn’t she know who is Shenbagam then why did she teasing her?

Roja replies to her if she know it why did she hesitate to say it infront of all. She know well who the real you are? We will prove it to everyone that she is not belong to this house. Annapoorna the one first person whom gonna kick her out. Anu thinks she must finish her before leaving from this house. At night Pratap announcing a game to everyone.

Everyone must pass the ball to one by one while music plays behind once the music stop whom holding ball is out. Who is win in the end will get a surprise. They start to play it finally Keerthi win in the end. Poovarasi feels emotional seeing her and talk to her emotionally. Arjun ask Poovarasi to propose Kathir. She do it hesitately. Arjun then ask to Balu to scold his wife infront of everyone there. He whispered to him he will never get a chance to do it again so he done like he said. Yasodha starts to beat him.

Arjun ask to Annapoorna to say few words about Roja. She deny it but Arjun threaten her by saying Sakthivel name so she starts to praise Roja and ask her to bring new baby next year. She hugs Arjun and blushing. Next day Sakthivel saying to Annapoorna today he gonna perform Thaali perukki podra function to Poovarasi. Annapoorna says to them lets do it for Roja after reach home. Arjun interfear her and says to them Roja function will also do together. Annapoorna agrees with him and narrating the ritual rules to them.

Anu phone stoled by line man. She find it out and ask him to do connection to Garland which she gonna place in goddess. Yasodha advise her to don’t do it. Anu didn’t heed to her and bribed the line man whom stole her phone. Yasodha warns her if she do it Poovarasi also affect in it. Anu replies to her she don’t care about her she just wanna live there without Roja.

Next day Kalpana praising Roja beauty. Anu stopping Annapoorna to doing rituals to Roja. Arjun threatening Anu if Annapoorna didn’t do it to Roja he will renew bhayya Ganesh murder case. Anu convinced Annapoorna and send her to do the rituals to Roja everyone from Roja side done the rituals like the way Poovarasi relation too.

Kathir standing aside so Keerthi force him to do it. Sakthivel noticed the hesitation in his face. Kalpana says to them all rituals done except placing garland to god so she ask them to place garland to god. Anu dreamt Roja and Poovarasi get current shock and fall down. But she is shocked to see them fit and fine . She got shock instead. Keerthi and Roja beaten her with wood. Arjun confess to her that he ruined his plan because Keerthi overheared her plan. Sakthivel saw Shenbagam in temple and informed to Arjun.