Roja 16th September 2020 Written Update: Arjun and Roja romantic moments

Roja 16th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun pushing Anu little and asking to her who is she ? Why did she came here and acting like Shenbakak aunty daughter ? Anu says she is Shenbakam aunty daughter. He ask to her then who is Priya ? He warn her don’t be act smart , he knew about her very well hereafter her game won’t work here . He has her orginal report so stop acting .

Anu calls her as Uncle , Roja got angry and says she don’t dare call him like that because only Roja has that rights to call him . Arjun says he likes the way Anu called him as Uncle because she always used to call him as sir . Roja makes faces. Arjun says if she calls him as Uncle he will be more happy . She starts to flirt with him by mentioning him as Uncle . Anu says its not fair they are behaving like that infront of her.

Arjun ask Roja to call him as Darling, sweet heart , love everything to irrittate her. Arjun ask her to admit all the truth but she deny it . Inspector called him and informs him he reached. Arjun inform to Anu Inspector came if she didn’t confess the truth he will give the report to police and add bhaiyya ganesh murder case too. Anu pleads to him but he don’t listen her and leaves.

Inspector enter in and looks around, all family members stare him confused . He informs to them that he got call from this house . They blinks . Roja and Arjun comes down and says he called him . They stare him in questioning way . Inspector giving terror look to everyone there. Arjun shows the report to Anu she pleads to him don’t give it to him.

Arjun walked near the Inspector and hugged him happily . He introduced him as his friend. They got relief hearing it . He says they both studied together in college now he is Inspector took charge on their station . If some domestic violence happens say an word to him he will deal it in his own way. Annapoorna glares him . Inspector leaves from there.

Anu thinking in her room Arjun and Roja comes there . He sit on her bed and ask Roja to do the same. He starts the converation with Anu. He tells her he intentionally saved her not revealing the truth to everyone there because Anu wanna do something for him . She deny it. Arjun says it won’t take much time to handover the report to Inspector.

 Hearing it she got scared and agreed to do . Arjun ask Anu to arrange everything for his first wedding anniversary. Anu ask him to do it . Arjun says its won’t look good so she must do it.  Anu deny it. Roja says in threating tone call the inspector and give the reports to him. Anu agrees again to do it. Arjun explains to her she must share this with everyone in that house that Roja is a good girl they ignored her intentionally that sin is the soul reason her marriage stopped twice ..if she wanna get out of it they wanna celebrate their wedding anniversary grandly. Anu agrees to do without option.

Roja ask to Arjun why didn’t he give the report to inspector . Arjun says Anu is a dramatic queen she will convince everyone easily and blame us so he needs strong evidence against her. Roja ask to him why did he came with milk. He says she should bring it for their first night it didn’t happen so mom give it to him.

He says dreamly it gonna happen after their wedding anniversary. Roja blushed hearing it. She says to him if she didn’t go with him to bangaloor he may finished his first night there . He don’t love her at all.

He hugs her and saya he loves his gulfi a lot he even had the proof. He shows one bus ticket to her and says she missed this on his car when she met with him first time . Then shows her hair pin and says its belongs to her . He says his love on her is unconditional one.