Roja 17th February 2021 Written Update: Anu provoking Purushothaman against Aswin

Roja 17th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja says to Aswin that she wishes to never loss Arjun in her life. She says this is the only thing she wants. She only needs him nothing else. Aswin says to Arjun that he can understand it but Roja wishes to build an Ashramam here. Arjun says to him that Aswin is thinking Arjun and Roja are equal to his parents so its an small gift from their side.

Aswin says this property will helps him but if it goes to Ashramam then many peoples will be happy. Roja tells him that she is giving this land to him with a condition. He can starts his business here when his business growing he can gives 25% shares to her. She will use that money to build an ashramam for all.

Arjun asks Aswin to talk with Purushothaman and shows this place to him. Annapoorna complaints that none is listening to her. She wishes to see this place going to Kalpana name or Aswin. But here Roja and Arjun are manipulating Aswin. Anu says to her that only one way is here to correct everything. She might seperate Arjun and Aswin. Annapoorna asks Anu to do it.

Anu meets Purushothaman and Prema. Purushothaman clearly showing his hatreness towards Anu. Anu says to him that she respects him a lot. She is here to alert him. Purushothaman asks her to come to the point straightly. Anu says to him that Aswin will lie to him that he got 2crores worth land on his name. He gonna start business there. He gonna makes him believe that he has property on his name to get Pooja hands. He wishes to use Pooja so don’t accept him.

Purushothaman replies that he is not a greedy one to go behind money. Anu says to him that Arjun also married Roja to use her but somehow Roja is brilliant so Arjun can’t able to leave her. Pooja calls Purushothaman and conveys the same property matters to him. Purushothaman believes Anu words.

Anu asks Sakshi to helps her out to get Roja’s land on her name. Sakshi assures to her. She thinks to bring one goon to finish this matter. She asks Anu to lock Arjun where he don’t get a signal. She shares a plan with her. Arjun getting ready to go out. Roja goes to bring food for Arjun. One lady calls to Arjun and makes him believe that her husband is in danger. He assures to her that he will save her husband. He informs this to Roja. She feeds him food. That lady informed everything to Sakshi. Sakshi alerts Anu. Arjun and Roja sharing a happy moments. Anu asks Annapoorna to stops Arjun for a while. Annapoorna acts along with Anu. Balu takes Arjun office bag and moves out.

Episode end.