Roja 17th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun supports Roja

Roja 17th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sumathi mopping the floor. She questions Kalpana will Roja come back to home today? Kalpana tells her Arjun working hard for it. Destiny is playing in her life a lot that’s why Roja is in police station without committing any mistakes. God gave the correct punishment to Anu for the mistake she done. But poor Roja was blamed by all unnecessarily. She didn’t went to hospital because Annapoorna scold her. She is busy in visiting Roja in police station and home.

Kalpana enters into the pooja room and praying to god that she brought many god idols in this house. But Roja the one whom brought this Murugan idol here how will he stay here without her. Without Roja this house looks empty. She about to do the pooja but Annapoorna takes the bell in her hand. Annapoorna question her Is she thinking way is she here alone? Anu didn’t died yet. Kalpana tells her that she is damn sure Roja didn’t done any mistakes.

She used to never hurt anyone. She was in inside the jail whole night. Annapoorna complaints that she is worried about that Roja but not Anu. She doubts whether Anu will come back alive or not? Pratap asks her to stop talking about it let Roja comes back to home. Annapoorna says to her that Roja won’t come back she won’t let her enter into this house likewise Manickam will lock her behind the bar lifelong.

Kalpana tells her that let god decide it. She will complete this pooja first. Annapoorna says to her its her pooja room she is not allowed to do pooja here. Pratap questions her Is god owned by her? God is equal to all. Annapoorna complaints that he is supporting his wife. Annapoorna complaints that she shouldn’t do prayer here and raise her voice against her. She raise his hand to slap her but Arjun stops her. Annapoorna questions him will he beat her? He says to her he won’t beat her but kill her. Arjun bests Balu instead of Annapoorna. Annapoorna insults Roja badly Arjun gets angry and mentions her as Annapoorna without respect. He asks her to stop increasing his BP. He supports Roja and talks back to her.

Kalpana asks him to stop talking like this they don’t need anyone curse. Arjun tells her that Kalpana praying for her daughter in law. Annapoorna tells him that even god can’t able to save Roja because Manickam won’t let her come out. Arjun challenges her he will definitely bring her back. Annapoorna tells him even she gonna pray for her grand daughter. Arjun asks her to do it because Roja is her grand daughter. Manickam reaches to Court after him Arjun reaches there. Both are having hear argument with each other about case. Roja comes there and gets emotional to see Arjun there. Roja shares her grief with him. Arjun assures to her that he will definitely take Roja back to home. He consoles her. Roja turns to emotional. Arjun is checking the file in court. Judge comes there.

Everyone greets the judge. Roja comes there and greets the judge. Chandrakantha submitted the notice to Judge. She reads it and asks Manickam to start his argument. Manickam says to Judge that she witnessed everything so he don’t need to explain it. Judge says to him as per court rules he might give all explanation here. Manickam says to judge that Roja hates Anu. Anu is the heir of Annapoorna she is blood relation of Arjun. Roja wanna become the heir of that house that’s why she seduced Arjun and married to him. Arjun deny it and tells her she has no connection with it. He has no idea she is the heir when he married to her. Manickam tells her its the actual reason she become greedy after saw the money. Judge asks him to don’t divert the case and waste the court time. Just discuss about Anu’s case. She read the FIR too. Arjun says to her Manickam gave it.

Manickam says that Roja pushed Anu down. Arjun tells him that there is no evidence for it. Manickam tells him back even no evidence is there she didn’t pushed her down. Arjun says to court Manickam using his anger on Roja in it. Manickam tells her that Anu mentioned Roja name before closing her eyes so she pushed her down . Arjun comments that Mahatma Gandhi mentioned Hare Ram before dying Is it mean Ram killed him?

Episode end.