Roja 17th June 2021 Written Update: Arjun refuses to accept Manickam’s Demand

Roja 17th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manickam says to Arjun that he is not asking him to argue favour to him instead withdraw the petition. Arjun tells him if he take such cases then he would have been richest person in Chennai. He studied law to fight for justice. He only took the case after confirming his client is innocent. Manickam knew well about it.

Manickam tells him he don’t need his explanation instead his daughter should come out at any cost. He says to offer him how much as he need in a single payment. Annapoorna reminds her promise to Anu. Manickam signed in the blank cheque. Annapoorna tells to Arjun that he is her grandson he used to support justice always. She got disappointed with him after he brought Roja to this house. It’s too till she understand Roja.

Annapoorna says Arjun shouldn’t accept this money. Anu should be in jail for her deeds, she even doubts Anu is her grand daughter? Manickam argues with Annapoorna for Anu. Annapoorna says to him that Anu is not reflecting like Shenbagam in this matter. Manickam demands Arjun to help him to get bail for Anu. Arjun complaints that even Annapoorna believing Anu is not this house girl. He fears Anu may harm him in future so let her stay in jail. Roja tries to explain Manickam how dangerous Anu is? Manickam is not ready to listen her words and lashes out at her and insults her.

Manickam questions Pratap why is he keeping silent? He can also say something like this. Pratap tells him that he is even confused in this matter. Shenbagam’s daughter will never do crimes. Manickam says all are targeting Anu and trying to create a story against her. He says to Annapoorna that she disappointed her. Innocent Anu believing that she is loving her but all are cheating her.

Manickam asks Annapoorna to remove Shenbagam’s photo too because there is no place for Anu in this house. Annapoorna asks Manickam’s to collect all Anu photo from her room or else she will throw it on dustbin. Annapoorna takes him to her room and reveals to him that she pretending like talking against Anu to make them believe that she accepted Roja. Arjun used to fight for justice money won’t make him withdraw the petition. He will only listening to Kalpana and Roja. So she is pretending like accepts her. She will definitely make Roja supports her.

Manickam says to Annapoorna that he doubts why is she talking against Anu now he understood what’s her planning. Annapoorna tells him only Arjun can able to withdraw the petition only Roja can able to make it possible. Annapoorna asks him to carry the bag to make them believe that he is going out with Anu related things. Manickam talks with Roja in sarcasm way. Balu tries to convinces him but he didn’t heed of him and leaves. Balu blames Kalpana for Manickam behaviours..

Balu stops Kalpana and questions her Is she happy now? Arjun and Roja dream came to true through her by saying this he leaves from there. Balu questions Annapoorna why did she behaved like this? Because of her Manickam was hurt. Annapoorna alerts him she is just acting to bring out Anu from jail. Balu praises Annapoorna’s acting. Annapoorna says to him that she will use Arjun to bring Anu out. Annapoorna informs to him that she gonna act well to make them believe that she is not favouring Anu. She asks him to bring a doctor whom will lie for her. She wanna act like she get Cardiac arrest. He assures to her. Shenbagam is praying in temple Roja reaches there along with Arjun and kalpana. Someone asks Shenbagam to eat the Prasad. She deny it reasoning she is fasting. Shenbagam feels dizzy.

Episode end.