Roja 17th March 2021 Written Update: Arjun learns the truth

Roja 17th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Santhamoorthy informs to Arjun that Roja is Tiger Manickam’s daughter. Arjun reminds the incidents where Roja behaving emotional with Shenbagam. Santhamoorthy says to Arjun that he wishes to share this truth to all in court but Anu and Sakshi thretened him to hide this matter orelse she will destroy the ashramam people and kill Roja. Santhamoorthy says to him that he is living in guilt after that incident. If he say the truth Roja will get her parents. He feels happy because Arjun married to Roja.

Santhamoorthy says to Arjun that Anu stoled the evidence which proving Roja is real daughter of Tiger Manickam. He asks him to share this to Roja. Arjun says to him that he wants to hide this truth from Roja for her safety. If he shares it with Roja then Anu will be alert. Santhamoorthy says to Arjun that he shared this truth to him so he can close his eyes peacefully. He wishes to die after comes to know that Roja joined with her parents. Arjun nods. Roja questions Kalpana when did she met Pratap for first time? Kalpana blushes.

Kalpana shares to Roja how did she met Pratap for the first time. Kalpana narrates the incident to Roja how did she noticed Pratap through window and Annapoorna accepted her as daughter in law. Kalpana complaints to Roja that nowadays youngsters don’t know how to blush or love? Kalpana questions Roja why did she cooking specially today? Roja replies to her that she wishes to cook something good for Arjun. Kalpana shares to Roja that Shenbagam too cooks like Roja. Manickam likes to eat that a lot. Arjun thinks that he doubts Anu.

Roja is real daughter of Shenbagam soon she going to put full stop for Anu. Manickam visits Annapoorna house. He announces to all that Anu’s birthday is coming in 20th. He wants to celebrate it grandly. He wishes to perform her marriage too. Annapoorna asks Pratap to think about it. Manickam asks Kalpana to take Anu as her daughter in law soon. Kalpana hesitates to reply. Annapoorna is giving pressures to her. Arjun is coming in another side. Yasodha gives an idea to her. Manickam wishes to perform Anu’s marriage date on her birthday.

Kalpana and Roja gets shock to hear it. Annapoorna teases Anu that she is blushing after hearing marriage topic. Manickam says to Annapoorna that he decides to register all properties on Anu’s name. Annapoorna says to him that she wishes to handover Shenbagam’s 500 sovereign jewels to Anu. Annapoorna asks Pratap to take decision soon. Kalpana says to Annapoorna that she wants to ask Aswin decision too. Annapoorna complaints that she is depending on her son. Manickam says to her that he is leaving. Annapoorna asks Manickam to eat lunch and leaves.

Kalpana informs to Annapoorna that Roja cooked specially for Arjun. Annapoorna says to Kalpana that Manickam don’t like to see Roja so asks her to stay inside the kitchen. If he comes to know that Roja cooked the food then he won’t eat it. She asks Kalpana to inform him that Anu cooked it all. She starts insulting Roja. Kalpana dislikes it and asks Annapoorna to stop it.

Episode end.