Roja 18th February 2021 Written Update: Roja falls into Sakshi’s trick

Roja 18th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Balu moves out with Arjun’s bag. He steals Arjun’s power bank from his bag. Annapoorna keeps talking with Arjun to diverts him. Balu comes there and informs to Arjun that he placed his bag inside his car. Arjun bids bye to all. Arjun leaves from there. Anu whispers to Annapoorna that she wanna takes the property papers so send Kalpana out and give some work to Roja.

Annapoorna remembers Kalpana about Panjami thidhi. Kalpana appologizes to her for foregetting it. Annapoorna asks Kalpana to visit the temple. Annapoorna asks Roja to cook for everyone. Anu and Yasodha moves to Roja room. Anu is searching for the property papers. Arjun checks his mobile and finds the charge is low. Anu finds out the property papers with the help of Yasodha. Anu wishes to send the papers to Sakshi immediately. Arjun calls to Roja and informs to her don’t be get tensed if she can’t able to reach him. Roja asks him to be careful.

Anu informs to Sakshi that she got the papers. She asks Anu to proceed the next plan. Roja is cooking in kitchen. She gets a phone call. Njanavel pretends like talking nice with Roja. He says to her that he met her in Ashramam. He is ready to donate his land for ashramam. Roja turns to very happy. He says to Roja that ashramam is in case so he will register it on Roja’s name then she can give it to Santha moorthy name. He lies to her that he wanna go back to Dubai. He asks Roja to register today. Roja calls to Arjun but his phone is switched off. Njanavel again calls Roja and confuses her. Roja is in dilemma what to do? Anu, Yasodha and Balu comes there and pretends like nice to Roja. Roja narrates everything to them.

Anu says to Roja that it’s a good news. She too cares for the ashramam peoples. She asks Roja to do registration. Balu also provoking her to do it using her weakness. Roja says to Anu that she wanna give food to Annapoorna on time. Anu assures to her she will give it. Yasodha says that she is going for a good work so definitely she will supports her. Roja tries to call Arjun again but his mobile is turned off. Roja says to them that Njanavel will send car to picks her. She leaves to change her dress. Anu and Yasodha are smirking.

Episode end.