Roja 18th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun surprised Roja

Roja 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with one lady saying to Annapoorna that she wanna bless Roja while holding this lemon in her hand. Annapoorna question her why should she hold it? She replies to her its not normal lemon but this went to 7 temple it got god blessing. If someone touch it whom not belong to the family or wish to destroy it it will burn that person hand likewise whom holding it with good heart it will gives chillness to them.

She ask her to bless Roja and give this diamond necklace to her. She got surprised seeing it. Arjun says she used to complain that Roja don’t have parents she won’t get gift from her mother. Now see 7 mother came for her and even gifted diamond necklace to her. Annapoorna question him Is it real or fake? Arjun replies she used to trust only glass but not the real diamond. They are sapthakanni they don’t cheat others.

Annapoorna make her wear it. Then Kalpana bless her and says she got goddess blessings. They ask to Balu where is Yasodha? He replies that she went to hospital? She replies if she treat her husband paresnts like her own nothing will happen to her. She ask Anu to hold the lemon. But she refuse to do it. Arjun force her to hold it. Annapoorna ask her to hold it. Anu holding it but her hands starts to burn it. She drops it down.

Arjun questions her why did she drop it down? She replies she is not used to doing it all. Arjun says don’t act it’s burning her hand. Anu replies it give chillness to her. Lady said their family has some problem so go and visit the temple or else the enemy will ruin the happiness of this house. They say that Roja has too much dhrishti. So they take Aarathi for her. They say to Annapoorna don’t ever mention Roja as a motherless kid just inform them what they need they will do it for her.

Aswin is thinking that he didn’t meet Pooja for many days how to meet her. Aswin enters inside her house as a gas delivary boy inorder to escape from her father. Pooja asking her brother to open the door. Aswin funnily arguing with her brother. He informs to him that his parents is not there. He ask her brother to give space for them. Arjun saying to Annapoorna that Roja family came here to gift Roja.
Arjun saying to all that he was so happy for this so he gonna carry her to his room infront of all. Pratap and Kalpana blushing seeing them

Arjun carried her to their room. Rojs says to him that she is feeling blushing so place her down. Arjun makes her stand. Roja ask to him why did he doing this all for her. Arjun replies that Annapoorna used to tease her by pointing out her background and motherless. Its really hurt him.

Today 7 mothers came for her. They are not ordinary people but devotees. They used to think about god full time they came to bless for her. She thank him. Arjun says he done this all for his Roja. Roja says he is the best gift of her life. He replies he will do anything for her even his heart beats says her name. Roja hugged him and hears her name. She is feeling so happy to hear it.

Episode end.