Roja 18th June 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam faints down

Roja 18th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shenbagam asks the priest to do archana on god name she will collect the pooja things after she finishes her vridham. One lady asks Shenbagam to take the Prasad but she refuses to eat it reasoning she is fasting for last two days. She will eat after she completes her vridham. Arjun drops Kalpana and Roja at temple he leaves to attend one important call. Kalpana tells to Roja even Pratap also same like Arjun. He won’t allow her to pray peacefully. She used to say him clearly that he don’t need to accompany her if he is busy. On that time mobile facilities are not there so he didn’t disturbed her like the way Arjun doing. Shenbagam says to god that if nobody knew about her its not a big deal but she herself don’t know who is she? It’s paining a lot.

She is searching for her relation always. Kalpana says to Roja that now a days she is not compelling Pratap to accompany her and praying to god alone. Because of her prayer she got a beautiful daughter in law like Roja. Shenbagam says to god that some people are behind her always she used to escape from them due to god grace but she has no idea why are they following her? She fears that they will caught her again before she meeting her family. She is visiting all temple in the hope she will meet her relations.

Roja shares to Kalpana that she never got time to visit temple when she was in orphanage. She has time only to finish the work there. Kalpana tells her that because of her good heart she got Arjun in her life. There is no need to visit temple to get god’s blessings! If she helps Others then god will bless her and stays near her always. Kalpana takes Roja from there to buy pooja things. Shenbagam tells to god that why are they following her? She is searching for her relatives so help her to meet them soon. Arjun comes back after talking with phone. They enters inside the temple to worship god. Shenbagam feels dizzy so she sits near the tree. kalpana gives the Pooja things to Priest and asks him to do archana on Arjun and Roja. Roja glares Arjun for not praying to god.

Roja feels strange inside her. After pooja Priest gives the Shenbagam’s pooja things to Kalpana unawarely. Shenbagam continues her walking..kalpana family sits there after prayer. Shenbagam shares her grief to the god. She gets a good news through strangers she takes it as god’s reply. Priest asks Shenbagam to finishes her fasting. She tells him only one round is there to finish she will complete it and drinks the water.

Kalpana stops Arjun from getting up and makes him sits in temple. Roja wishes to eat the coconut. Arjun breaks it Shenbagam feels something strange inside her. Shenbagam says to god that she finished her vridam so help her to meet her family soon. Arjun takes Roja and Kalpana outside of temple. Roja wishes to drink tender coconut. Shenbagam faints down. Someone rushes towards Roja and informs to her that one lady fainted down after fasting. Roja and Kalpana rushes towards her. Arjun gets a phone call.

Arjun stops Roja and Kalpana. He stares to them that he has one important work let’s leave from here. Roja handover the tender coconut to that lady and leaves from there. That lady makes Shenbagam drinks the tender coconut. Shenbagam thank that lady for helping her. Priest gives a good news to her after seeing the incidents. Shenbagam collects the pooja things from priest and finds its not her things but someone else. Priest informs to her he mistakenly gave the pooja things to another family.

Episode end.