Roja 18th May 2021 Written Update: Raja bursts out in anger

Roja 18th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kalpana prays for Roja. Someone enters inside the Shanthamoorthy cell and tries to stab him with knife. Roja wakes up from dream shouting Shanthamoorthy name. Kalpana says to her that she prayed for her. Roja complaints to her that Anu doing too much. Kalpana says to her that she knew well she argued with Annapoorna for it. Raja informs to her that Anu planned to kill Shanthamoorthy in jail. She made her unconscious while she tried to alert Arjun. Annapoorna comes there and tries to convince Roja that she may misheard it. She will never commit such mistake.

Kalpana questions her doesn’t she accept her mistake? Annapoorna supports Anu and says to then she forced to accept it. She didn’t made her unconscious. She will never do such mistakes. Anu says to Roja that she didn’t done any mistake she can confirm it with Shanthamoorthy in jail. Annapoorna asks Kalpana to leave this matter or else it will create big issue in this house. She asks Kalpana to give something to Roja to eat. Roja says to Kalpana that she heard it clearly she planned to kill Shanthamoorthy. Kalpana says to her that she can able to understand it. She asks Roja to hide this from Arjun or else he will never finish his work there.

Divya gets down from her car and alerts her goons. She shares some plans with them. Meanwhile Shenbagam going in auto. Manickam visits Annapoorna house. Anu is massaging to Annapoorna. They welcomes him. Manickam informs to Annapoorna that Arjun is right. Case is postponed. Manickam says to Anu that he is here to clear his doubt in this case. Anu calls him to discuss about it in her room. Roja comes there and informs to him that she wishes to contact him. She want to share one thing to him. Annapoorna says to her that he is here to meet Anu not her. She stands adamant not to talk with him. Kalpana asks Annapoorna to allow Roja to talk with Manickam.
Annapoorna complaints that none giving respect to her now. Roja doesn’t know this house tradition. She complaints that Kalpana insulting her in front of her son in law!

Annapoorna questions Kalpana what happened to her? Kalpana questions her back what did she done wrong? She just asked her to allow Roja to talk with him. Annapoorna says to her that none like her presence here. It’s her own house her husband brought it for her though no one listening to her. If they don’t give respect to her then she will leave from this house. Pratap says to her that she is often mentioning it as her house. Doesn’t he asked her to shift the house but she didn’t do it. Manickam asks them to stop fighting. He asks Roja to say the matter. Roja confess the truth to Manickam. Annapoorna interrupts her and asks her to stop praising Arjun. Roja says to Manickam that Anu made her unconscious to stop her from alerting Arjun. She is planning with Divya to kill Shanthamoorthy in jail. If she inform this to Chandrakantha then she will arrest Anu.

Roja says to Manickam that she is not doing anything against Anu because she is respecting all elders here. Yasodha says that Anu is innocent. Is she has any evidence against Anu? Balu complaints that Roja wishes to rule this house. Roja gets angry and tries to beat him. Roja says to Manickam that she is not only trying to kill Shanthamoorthy but also tried to kill her too. Roja says to Manickam that Anu is not his own daughter.

Episode end.