Roja 18th November 2020 Written Update: Arjun pushed down Anu

Roja 18th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja and Pooja are busy in checking their gift. Manickam leaves from the function reasoning he has many works to do. Arjun walks on stage. He hold the mike and thanked each and everyone there for attending this function and made him happy. He wanna praise one person from his family and gift something. Everyone staring him in confusion.

Arjun mentioned Anu name and says if she didn’t coperate this function shouldn’t end properly. Kalpana thinks is he planning something big? Anu staring him confused. Arjun invites her to stage? Anu goes there hesitately. Arjun smiles and moves from there to bring the gift. He takes the bomb wrapped gift make Anu gets shock. She is standing there in fear. Arjun smirks and walked on to stage. He gives the gift to Anu. She hesitate to take it from him.

Yasodha and Balu staring her like Annapoorna. She takes it from him in fear. Arjun whispered to her that she tried to kill him right? Anu gets shock hearing it. Anu about to go Arjun stopped her and ask Anu to open it. Anu starts to shiver in fear thinking about the bomb blast. Anu replies to him that she will open it when she will reach home? Arjun stand adamant there so she has no option left there even crowd starts to shout to open it.

 Anu hesitate and open it slowly. One toy punched on her nose giving sound. Anu scared a lot. Everyone starts to laugh seeing her state. Arjun says to her that he knew she fixed bomb in it he even saw it. When she moved he changed the gift from there. Everyone whom sitting here is his family so he don’t like to hurt anyone by saying the truth. So stop doing such things and change herself. Anu glares him and about to go Arjun kicked her leg she fall down.

 Roja feels pity for her but Pooja stopped her. Kalpana starts to laugh seeing her. Annapoorna and Yasodha rushed to stage to help Anu. Arjun pretend like help her but Annapoorna pushed him away. He again tries to act but Annapoorna scold him that because of him she got hurt. Annapoorna ask Anu to get up but she couldn’t able to do it in pain.

They takes her from there Arjun and Achor laughing like hell seeing her state. In car Annapoorna saying to Kalpana she got hurt a lot that’s why she is crying this much. Anu too replies in pain she is ready to cut it. Roja ask to her if she cut her leg how will she walk and go here and there? Annapoorna scold her. Anu says to Roja that they reached hospital get down. Roja teased her by saying she thought they were in traffic.

 Kalpana ask to Anu is it paining by pressing in her wound. Anu shouts in pain. Kalpana repeats it made her shouts in pain. She can’t able to place her leg down in pain. Annapoorna ask to bring wheel chair. Kalpana often kicking Anu leg to hurt her. She is crying in pain. She get fed up and starts to lymp in one leg and reach near admission centre. Roja and Kalpana teasing Anu state. She is crying in pain. Wheel chair comes. Balu ask them to inform to Manickam. Annapoorna ask them to hide it from him at any cost orelse he will take Anu from here.

Manickam coming in car to go to airport soon. His assisstant is also with him. He is giving his schedule to her he wanna deal in court. One in high court and another one in supreme court. Shenbakam is also coming opposite side. She is talking with nurse in urgent she crossed the road without noticing. Manickam car dashed her she fell down unconscious. Manickam tries to check her but his assisstant convince him and send to Airport not allowing him to meet her.