Roja 19th January 2021 Written Update: Kalpana learns the truth

Roja 19th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Aswin enters inside Pooja house disguised as gas delivar boy and teasing Pooja. She is scolding him and tries to attack him so he reveals his face to him. Pooja asking to him why did he doing like this to her? Aswin replies that he has no option left in his hand to see her. Neither her parents are not allowing him in nor she coming out. Pooja replies she is also missing him but what to do she is trying her best not to hurt her parents. Aswin says to her that their thala pongal is coming he wish to take her to home but it won’t happen.

Pooja replies she will also celebrate it with his family one day. Aswin says it will happen soon. Aswin ask her to go with him tomorrow to purchase dress for pongal. She deny it. He says that she might come he came here to inform this. All are coming to purchase dress Arjun called her. Pooja replies why should she spoil their happiness? Just then her brother informs to them that Purushothaman and Prema coming. Aswin stays there and decided to face them but Pooja hides him. Prema enters into the kitchen and notice Aswin there. Purushothaman ask Pooja brother to study. Prema divert Purushothaman and send him from there. Prema calls out Aswin and warns him not to meet Pooja again and ask him to get out. Aswin leaves silent.

Prema asking Pooja to light up the lamp. Pooja doing it. Prema ask her to promise her that she won’t dare to meet Aswin again in her life. Pooja hesitate and deny it. Prema says to her if her father see him then something will happen to him. She don’t wanna take risk over her nuptial chain. Pooja says its emotional blackmail. Prema ask to her won’t she promise to her? She advise to her that Annapoorna is danger she will torture her like the way she is doing with Roja. Pooja says to her she will manage don’t worry she will do nothing which hurting her father or ruining his reputation.

Annapoorna family reach the mall to shop for pongal. Arjun and Roja following them. Arjun ask her to purchase how much she want he is ready to pay for her. Arjun dials to Aswin and ask him to come fast. He replies to him that he is on the way don’t need to wait for them. Arjun and Roja goes in. Annapoorna and Anu selecting sarie. She says to her that she wanna purchase the sarie which is costly then Roja. Annapoorna gives sarie to Kalpana to select it. Arjun question her doesn’t she has personal taste why did she choosing for her? Aswin and Pooja comes there. Anu wish to insult her.

Anu question Pooja why did she came here? Aswin replies its not her mall to question her in this way. Seeing them together Annapoorna lashes out at Pooja and badmouth her family. Pooja talks back at her. Arjun and Roja go there for her support. Pratap seperate them and takes to another side. Pooja appologize to Arjun. He says that she is also a part of this family. Soon everyone gonna learn their marriage secret. Kalpana shocked to hear it.

Episode end.