Roja 19th June 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna pretends like sick

Roja 19th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Fake Doctor is pretending like checking Annapoorna. Annapoorna asks her to stop checking her and questions Balu where did he find this girl? Even original doctor used to check heart beats two or three times but she is over acting here. She fears she will steal her gold chain. Balu tells her she don’t do like that reasoning she is very honest person. Annapoorna says to him she is here to act then how comes he mentions her as loyal person? Balu supports the doctor and praises her acting.

Annapoorna says to him that he shouldn’t look down on Arjun he is a dangerous person he won’t trust anything soon? Pratap is innocent one so it’s easy to cheat him. Balu accepts it because he knew well about Arjun. Everyone reaches to there and gets shocks to see Annapoorna in unconscious state. Balu lies to them that Annapoorna fainted down and started sweating too. They fears something serious happened to her but Arjun stares Balu and doctor in suspicious way. Kalpana and Roja cries seeing her and talks with her.

Peatap questions Doctor what happened to her? She blinks Arjun suspects them. Doctor lies to them that Annapoorna heart beats are low and pulse are down. Doctor says to them that she gave injection to her she will be alright. Annapoorna pretends like mentioning Roja name in unconscious state. Arjun feels something fishy. Annapoorna pretends like apologies to Roja.

Annapoorna tells her she done many sins towards Roja. In her old age she didn’t give the rights to her which she deserved and hurted her a lot. Roja asks Annapoorna to get up nothing happened to her. Annapoorna thinks that all her plans will be flop if she sits up. Roja tries to make her sit Arjun asks her to holds her properly or else she will go to heaven straightly. Kalpana scolds Arjun for talking negatively. Arjun says to her he is boosting Annapoorna nothing else. He will better call the ambulance and admit her in hospital if family doctor checks her everything will be fine. Doctor says to them she gave the injection to her so she will be fine soon. Arjun says to her that she is playing with his grandma lives so he wanna save her at any cost.

Annapoorna asks Roja to stop Arjun she wanna die in this house. Roja and Kalpana wishes to hear Arjun’s word. Annapoorna is keep manipulates Kalpana and Roja. Kalpana refuses to hear Arjun and supports Annapoorna. Annapoorna plays emotional drama there and make them believe her. Kalpana and Roja are consoling her. Annapoorna questions Roja will she take care of her? She informs to her that she will take care of her like god. Annapoorna pleads with them to don’t admit her in hospital. Arjun thinks something is wrong because grandma is repeating the same dialogue.

Sakshi is walking to and forth inside the jail. Her henchwoman asks her to go outside to work. Sakshi goes near Anu and thinks she is relaxed here so she wishes to makes her tensed. Sakshi tells her she wishes to share a good news with her. Anu says to her she has no problem with her. Sakshi tells her that she gave statement against her on that day itself she turned to her enemy. She tells her that Shenbagam is in Divya custody now she is gonna send her to Anu house to create problem. If she reveals to everyone that Anu is not her daughter then Anu life will be inside the jail.

Anu asks the constable to help her to leave from jail. She refuses to help her. Anu breaks her leg to use that situation to escape from jail. After doctor checka her prescribed some ointment and medicine she adds that no need to admit her in hospital. Annapoorna says to her self she wanna act well to bring back Anu there. She feels proud after everyone believes her acting as true. She wishes to make Arjun believes it. She thinks she might kick out Roja and Arjun after Anu is back. Arjun hears it all from outside.

Episode end