Roja 19th May 2021 Written Update: Roja bursts out in anger

Roja 19th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja says to everyone that she only knew to respect all. Anu tortured her like hell. What if anything bad happened to her? Who will take the responsibility? She didn’t shared it to Arjun yet because she don’t wanna see this family separating. Anu committed many mistakes though all are helping her to hide it. She might be punished for all her deeds. Roja shouts on Manickam. She says to him that Anu is not his daughter just understand that. Anu complaints that Roja is provoking Manickam against her. Why should she kill Roja. Roja says that Annapoorna knew well that Anu harmed her but her love on Anu made her blind. Roja comments that she want to support truth in her age though she is not supporting Roja instead she helping Anu. She says to Annapoorna that always Truth will win at the end.

Anu says to Manickam that she has no connection with Ganesh murder case. Arjun added Anu to this case as culprit because of Roja. She is still angry on her. Manickam says to her all can’t be his daughter. Till 3 days are remaining. He will prove her innocence in court and release her from his case. Raja says to Manickam that he is a big lawyer. She don’t know whether to laugh or cry seeing him. All persons will turns to be mad in front of love. Annapoorna complaints that She mentioned Manickam as Mad. Roja says to her she didn’t mean it. Annapoorna complaints that Shenbagam would have feel bad if she sees it all. Yasodha asks Manickam to save Anu and give punishment to that Shanthamoorthy. He wants to be killed. Roja strangle Yasodha neck. Annapoorna release Yasodha from Roja grip and blames her. Annapoorna questions her why is Roja behaving like this? Kalpana says to her she can’t able to do it at least Roja going it.

Kalpana says to Manickam that Anu made Roja unconscious. She even hidden her under her breath. She used to cheat her a lot. If Arjun come to know it then he will finish them all. Kalpana advises her to change at least now. Kalpana adds that everyone should treat daughter in law well or else they will be punished by god. Its all sin to teat Daughters in law bad. Kalpana asks Manickam to believe Roja. Manickam says to Kampala that she is changed after Arjun manipulation. Shenbagam treated her well though she behaving like this. She loved everyone here before. Kalpana says to him that this house changed her in this way. After she entered into this house Annapoorna may treated her as her daughter in law. But she treated her as her own mother. She is not giving respect to her and minding her words too. She is torturing Roja here.

Manickam asks her to stop arguing. He will see everything in court. Manickam says to Anu that he will save her till he is alive. Roja stops him and says to him that Annapoorna considering Anu as her grand daughter and Manickam as his daughter that’s why they are trying to save Anu. Their love on her made them blind. She is escaping from all using their love. But it won’t last long. Roja challenges Manickam that she will take DNA test before everyone and proves it to all that she is his daughter. Manickam says to her that she is trying in all way to prove that she is his daughter. Roja says to him that she is his real daughter.
Roja says to him that after she proved the truth to him just mark her words if he asks her to accept him also, she will never accept him as her dad. Shanthamoorthy took take care of her in childhood days without expecting anything. He is thousands times better then Manickam. He deserves to be called as Dad. Anu and Sakshi are planning to kill Shanthamoorthy in jail. If anything happen to him then he will see another face of her. She can’t able to allow someone harming Shanthoorthy. Manickam says to Anu that he is not believing her words at all. Don’t take her words to heart.

Roja says to Manickam that she is feeling hurt seeing him not considering her words. He is arguing with her and treating her as enemy unaware of the truth she is his own daughter. He is her blood relation. Roja says to him that she don’t wish to raise her voice in front of him but situations made her talk like this. She wants to save Shanthamoorthy from everyone. His good deeds will save him. One day truth will be out everyone gonna pay for it. Roja is thinking on her room. Shenbagam going in auto another side. Roja tries to contact Arjun and Chandrakantha but fails.

Episode end.