Roja 1st April 2021 Written Update: Anu’s cunning move

Roja 1st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu gets nervous when the phone was disconnect. Roja comes there and asks to her why is she sweating in AC room? Roja asks to her who is on call? Anu complaints that Arjun was the one whom called him she is here to check her reaction after provoking him. Roja appreciates her for finding it out. Roja teases her that Anu is like postal cover which came to wrong address. She tries to slap Roja. Roja holds her hand. Arjun applause for her and appreciates her for reacting back. He asks her to break her hand. Anu warns him to stay away from her She is fire. Arjun teases her that tomorrow’s competition is with fire.
Arjun says that he knew well she found out him. Though he shivered that’s what he want. He says to Anu that he has important work with Roja. He wants to dance, romance with Roja and also send Anu to jail inbetween. Arjun says to her that he gave one chance to her to change herself. But it seems she won’t. He asks her to win the test honestly instead of searching wrong routes. Devi reaches to Purushothaman house. He welcomes them. Devi introduces Megnan to them. Aswin thinks is he looking good why did he complimenting him.

Purushothaman asks Aswin to take the luggages. Prema takes Arathi to them. Pooja is watching this all. Devi’s daughter is also staring him. She slips from step Aswin holds her on time. She starts to blush seeing him. Prema asks Pooja to change her dress. She refuses to wear it. Prema says to Devi that Pooja is changing dress. Aswin asks her to don’t go now. Seeing Aswin, Devi questions Purushothaman why did he took him to work? He replies to her that he is good one. His family lived well. Prema takes Pooja to hall even though she refuses to go. Everyone likes Pooja. They appreciates her beauty. Meghnan too likes Pooja. He agrees to marry Pooja. Purushothaman asks Pooja to show their house to Meghnan. Aswin dislikes it. Anu reminds Arjun’s word. She calls to Sakshi and informs to her about the Agni pooja.

Anu asks Sakshi to help her to win the competition. She asks Sakshi to kill Roja. This might be Roja’s last trip. Annapoorna comes there so she disconnect the phone. Annapoorna appologizes to Anu for accepting Arjun’s condition. She assures to Anu that she won’t suspect her in any situation. Anu talks with her emotionally to get sympathy. Annapoorna says to Anu that she is feeling Shenbagam’s presence in her always. She says to her that Any will win this competition. She asks her to don’t cry. Anu thinks that none can able to touch her till this fool grandy believing her. Anu thinks that how will she leave this place after seeing all luxurious life. If she leave this place then Arjun will send her inside the jail.

Kalpana is thinking about Amuthanayaki’s word and feels nervous. She is in dilemma. Roja and Arjun calls her to take dinner. Kalpana fears that something will go wrong. Arjun questions her why did she scared? Kalpana says to her that she was happy for this test but Anu is dangerous one. She will do something against Roja. Roja says to her why did she fearing like this. Its good this competition coming. We faced many situation like this. Whatever Anu done to her God used to save her from all. She is happy for it. She is ready to face anything to prove her identity. She don’t need this money or property. She only needs recognition. She just want to see Manikam and Annapoorna accepting her as their daughter and grand daughter. Roja assures to Kalpana that she can able to do it. Nothing to worry god will be with her. Anu and Sakshi are in temple. Sakshi informs to Anu its the setting of Angni test. She arranged it after checking the previous one. She places one doll inside the circle and says to her juat imagine its as Roja.

Sakshi asks Anu to see how she is going to kill Roja. She set the fire on circle. Doll starts burning in fire. Sakshi says to her that Roja will also burn like this in fire. Amuthanayaki is doing prayer. Shenbagam comes there and says to her that she is getting flashes of her past. Amuthanayaki informs to Shenbagam that her relatives came after she left from there.

Episode end.