Roja 1st February 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna blames Pooja

Roja 1st February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun and Roja sitting near camp fire and saying many are trying to seperate her from him. Roja says whatever they try they can’t able to seperate her from him. He even rescued her not even minding the fire he done that in Ashramam matter too. Roja says their love is beautiful one.

Another side Aswin and Pooja are spending quality times each other. Aswin says to Pooja that Roja used to calling Arjun as sir. He ask her to call him like that. She called him as Aswin sir. Roja says to Arjun she feels more close to him when she used to call him like that. Arjun says that this trip is giving chillness in his heart let’s come here again. Aswin and Pooja also spending time with each other. Pooja says that Annapoorna and Yasodha groups are torturing her though she feels happy when he is near her. Roja and Arjun notice Aswin and Pooja spending the time with each other. They leaves not disturbing them.

Roja noticed the prasadham and informs to Kalpana. Botbare crying seeing it. Kalpana blabbering feeling emotional. Annapoorna comes there and get shocked to see it. She notice Pooja there and says to her its all happened because of her. She saying to Kalpana that Pooja is not belongs to this family that’s why its all happened like this. Roja supporting her and says just think about whom done this all instead of blaming Pooja.

Annapoorna says that Roja talking too much. In her days she never raise her voice against mother in law. Annapoorna says its all god punishment so send her away. Kalpana ask her to give one solution. Annapoorna replies nothing is there to do it everything is over let’s go back to home. Anu group are watching it and says that she knew well about Annapoorna she will blame Pooja if the pooja is stopped. Kalpama crying and praying to god help her to do the pooja in morning. Kalpana says that she wanna do it. Templs bell rings. Goddes comes to the house and calls Kalpana. They informs to her that Atha came for her to make her happy they assures to her they will help her to do the prasadam. They start cooking the sweets for god.

They finished preparing the sweet and arranged it in one place. Kalpana, Roja and Pooja feels happy to the sweets. Kalpana says to Aatha that they helped them a lot she never thought she can able to finish it but its done because of their help. They says that they are leaving. Kalpana says that she wish to give something to them but its god prasadham. They says they will get it after the pooja by saying they leaves. But suddenly they disappeared from there Roja, Kalpana and Pooja got shocked.

Episode end.