Roja 1st January 2021 Written Update: Sakshi’s master plan

Roja 1st January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Arjun saying to Naveen this is Anu money which means its sin we shouldn’t donate it to Ashram where pure souls are living. Let give it back to Anu by saying this he throw it on her she caught it. Arjun warns Anu and Sakshi that they both gonna count the time in prison get ready to face it. Trio leaves from there in car.

Sakshi and Anu are frustrated by his attittude. Sakshi saying to Anu that he learned their truth so he will never sit silently and send them to prison at any cost. Anu says to her that he mentioned about Orphanage peoples are pure souls right? She gonna touch them. Sakshi ask her to clear it.

She says to her that Arjun mind is clear that’s why he is eager to investigate our case so we wanna make him busy with something then only he will never attend this case. He gonna celebrate Balu’s father birthday there so she gonna mix poison in that food. All are gonna die there after they eat the food so we can easily blame Arjun and Roja behind it. If they die in it also no problem our tension will be free. Sakshi says its an good idea. Let’s proceed it.

One grandma coming near Orphanage. Kids are playing outside she pretend like fall down faint. Kids informed this to Balu’s father and mother. They rushed to outside and tries to wake her up by splashing water on her face. She wakes up. He question her whereabout? She lies to them that she came from distance she is here to search for job. She has no place to go and jobless now. She faint in hunger. Hearing this they shows pity to her and ask her to stay in orphanage and take care of kitchen work. She thank them and informs to Sakshi that she entered into Orphanage. Sakshi ask her to be careful.

Arjun and Roja comes down and inform to Kalpana that they are leaving to attend the function. Roja ask her to accompany her but she refused to go reasoning someone don’t like it. Annapoorna says to her that she can leave she is not stopping her by holding her hand. Kalpana says to her that words are enough to stop no need to hold her. Annapoorna gets angry on her and starts badmouthing her and says after Roja entered into the house she changed.

Arjun replies that she used to be a slave of her but now she changed that’s why she can’t able to accept it. Anu thinks go and attend the function they are not gonna return alive. Annapoorna says that Anu gonna be a daughter in law of the house. Arjun says that his family have the rights to choose girl for him. Soon he will send Anu to her place and leaves with Roja. She slips so Kalpana gets tensed.

Arjun and Roja celebrating Amabalavanam birthday. That old lady mixed poison in the biriyani as per Sakshi’s order. Roja feeding Biriyani to kids.

Episode end.