Roja 1st July 2021 Written Update: Roja, Arjun spends quality time with each other

Roja 1st July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says to Anu if he don’t reaches to there on time then she would have died now. Anu tells him its shame for her. She knew well how to save herself already many times they tried to kill her. Though she survived so stop saying he saved her. She says that he won after doing fraud in court. Arjun strangle Anu’s neck in warning tone. Annapoorna releases her. Anu blames that Annapoorna is pretending like living her and showing fake love on her. Annapoorna slaps her and asks her to go out. Manickam questions them Is Shenbagam gave birth to her to slap her? He asks her to go with him. Anu says to him that she won’t go anywhere reasoning her mom’s soul living in this house. Arjun complaints that her soul won’t search for her. Anu asks him to stop insulting her to make his wife happy. Annapoorna says that Arjun whom brought her out. Anu complaints that he was the send her inside the jail don’t forget that. She will prove to all that she is Shenbagam’s daughter. Roja complaints that Arjun got hurt when he tried to save Anu. Roja shows Arjun’s wound to all. Kalpana gets panic to see it. Roja says that everything happened because Arjun tried to take Anu out in bail.

Manickam says it’s not related to them let’s leave from here. Anu says to him that she don’t go with him. Manickam tells her that she is his daughter so she can enter into his house anytime by saying he leaves. Annapoorna asks Anu to apologise to Arjun and Roja. Anu refuses to do it. Anu says to all that she will stay here with court order that she is Shenbagam’s daughter. Annapoorna asks Anu to go to her room. Kalpana questions her Annapoorna manages the situation. Shenbagam reaches to Vedhavalli’s ashramam. Someone stares her in suspicious way. Vedhavalli asks Shenbagam to enter inside. Shenbagam shares her happiness with her for meeting her today. Vedhavalli informs to her situation is coming favor to her. She gives one lemon to her.

Vedhavalli gets flashes of the past of Shenbagam and informs to her that problems is still in her way. Nothing to worry his will definitely save her. Soon she will meet her daughter. May be her enimies are trying to kill her but god will never allow this to happen. Shenbagam shares her fear with her. Vedhavalli asks her to be careful. She alerts her that her enemy will try to kill her daughter but Shenbagam’s good deeds will save her one day. Vedhavalli asks Shenbagam to go to temple after she met her daughter. If she do the pooja here for two days then god will save her daughter from the danger. Roja is doing first aid to Arjun. Arjun complaints to Roja that he didn’t get wound for Roja instead he got for Anu that’s what hurting him. Roja asks him to stop talking about Anu now. Arjun complaints that he got injured so she can speak like this. He starts kiss her hand when she said her hands are paining. Arjun and Roja spends quality time with each other.

Episode end.