Roja 1st June 2021 Written Update: Anu gives a statement against Sakshi

Roja 1st June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu shouts on court that letter is fake. It’s not the truth. Anu questions Sakshi what did she wrote in it? Is she a girl? Why should she go inside the jail for the crime she did? Doesn’t she killed Ganesh ? Why did she trying to blame her in this case now? Arjun says so there is one thing confirm she wrote something to Anu. Doesn’t she came to court what’s the need to write letter to Anu? Sakshi agreed that she wrote the letter. Arjun says to Judge that take this as a important evidence. Arjun says to Manickam now he wanna understand what’s going on here instead of blaming him.

Arjun says to judge from childhood Anu likes to roam around like rich people and eat good foods. She likes to wear new dresses. Sakshi know her greedy nature and meets Anu often and increases her greed. She asked Anu to kill Ganesh and bury him in orphanage. After that land will come to Sakshi hand she will build five star hotel there and Anu can enjoy the money which gifted by Sakshi. Anu deny it and informs to Judge that Sakshi being close with her for that land. She asked Anu to help in Ganesh murder. She asked Anu to place the knife and clothes which she used to kill Ganesh in Shanthamoorthy room. She made everyone in that orphanage unconscious for Sakshi. She just helped Sakshi to create a evidence against Shanthamoorthy. Apart from this she has no connection with this case. Sakshi asks Anu to stop talking. Arjun blames it’s all lie she murdered Ganesh. Anu says to Judge that she didn’t killed Ganesh at all Sakshi killed Ganesh. Arjun says that Anu said the truth. She wishes to bring the truth out that’s why he played this drama here. He has no option then doing this drama here to bring out the truth.

When he blamed Anu in this case she automatically confess the truth. Sakshi takes out the gun from Chandrakantha. Manickam and chandrakantha asks Sakshi to drop down the gun. Sakshi threaten all Sakshi points the gun on Anu and threaten her how dare she to give statement against her. She says she will shoot her and go inside jail. Sakshi says that she already gave statement against her. If she kill another one also she will get the sane punishment. Arjun stops Sakshi by pushing away the gun. Roja appreciates her. Judge questions them Is it a court or a rowdism play ground? Judge asks the police to keep Sakshi under the custody. She says this case will continue after break.

Chandrakantha praises Arjun for arguing well in court. They are drinking tender coconut there. Arjun questions her doesn’t she trust him in this case?She adds that he is opposing against Tiger Manickam. He is a fear of everyone in court. He done a good job today. Arjun says that he knew well only he cab bring the truth out through Anu only. He twisted the case and finally bring out the truth. Roja says that she feels pity for Annapoorna here. Arjun says that she is showing pity for her for no reason.Manickam scolds Anu for blabbering the truth. Doesn’t he alert her Arjun will made her confess the truth. Manickam complaints that she didn’t trust him at all. Because of her he lost today. Anu says that he made her confess today. Manickam says that there is two type to win the case. One is collecting evidence or twist the person and bring out the truth. Arjun followed the second one here. Arjun says to Manickam he can go in any way to bring out the justice. Manickam says to Arjun he may be a opposite lawyer to him but actually a relation to him. Annapoorna questions him why is he saying this to Arjun.

Annapoorna questions Arjun what did he know about relation? Roja questions her why is she asking like this? Roja says Arjun whom arranging everything for family. He always thing good for everyone. She adds that Arjun postponed this case these many days for Anu. Anu says Roja provoked Arjun against her and made her confess like that. Arjun says it’s the truth he didn’t done anything in it. Anu plays a emotional act there and pretends like committing suicide. Arjun and Manickam stops her.

Episode end.