Roja 1st May 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam gets a blurry image of her past

Roja 1st May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says that Roja that he can able to celebrate his first night after releasing Shanthamoorthy from jail.
Kalpana wishes to see their baby soon. He adds that Chandrakantha will never give false hope. She seems confident now it means She collected all evidence against Anu. If they proves Anu is not heir of this house then everyone will be happy here. Anu will go to jail after that. Anu thinks that she will never go to jail. She will steal that yellow file and ruin his all plan. She will never allow Roja and Arjun to live peacefully after sending her to jail.

Anu thinks that she shouldn’t talk this matter in mobile. It’s important matter so she wishes to convey this to Sakshi straightly. Arjun takes Roja to spy Anu and they confirms it that she set mike to spy them. Anu appreciates Sakshi’s idea. She says to her that all evidence are collected against them and stored in yellow file in Chandrakantha table. Sakshi says to her that Arjun is adamant to send them inside jail. He is collecting all evidence against them. They are not saints to walk in straight path. They might take wrong path to stop them. She assures to Anu that she will take care of it.

Arjun and Chandrakantha are waiting outside to spy the goons. She alerts Arjun that Bald person is going inside jail to take that yellow file. He is Babu ex. Criminal. She gave punishment to him. He is here to help Sakshi. She says to him that Sakshi and Anu are watching them kneely to destroy all evidence. Babu enters inside pretends like tea seller. He takes the yellow file.

Chandrakantha blocks him and threatens him to confess the truth. She questions him doesn’t he stole this file for Sakshi? He deny it. Chandrakantha pushes him inside the jail. Chandrakantha alerts Arjun that he is Sakshi’s henchman. He is very loyal to her. She don’t think that he will say her name in court. Arjun adds that if he give statement against them then it will support his case. Chandrakantha assures to him that he will make him confess the truth.

Shenbagam gets flashes of her past. She gets up from her nightmare. Meanwhile Roja is sleeping in her room. Shenbagam comes to her room and calls her. She says to her that her mom is here wake up from sleep. Raja stares her and mentions her as ‘ Amma’. Shenbagam calls her to come near her. Roja happiness having not bounds when she touched her hand and hugs her lovingly. She mentions her as ‘ Anu. Shenbagam says to her that her name may be changed as Roja. But she is real Anu. Roja questions her how comes she is here? She informs to her that she is her daughter. She carried her 10 months in her womb. So her soul is always near her. When time comes she will come near her. Shenbagam disappears from her sight. Roja starts shouting Amma there. Arjun gets up and asks her to calm down. Roja informs to him that Shenbagam came here and says to her that she is her daughter. She even hugged her and kissed her. Roja says to him that her mom is alive please bring her back to home. Arjun says to her that she will definitely come to her. He adds that she may thinking about her death day that’s why she got dream of her. Raja says to him that her mom is alive. Arjun reminds his uncle word that Shenbagam is alive.

Shenbagam says to Shankara that she remind her accident day. He informs to her that today is the day she met with accident 20 years before. He shows the file to her. Shenbagam gets blurry image of that accident. He says to her may her family forgot her and doing death anniversary rituals today. Shenbagam says to him that her destiny is like that only. Shankaran questions her how processed her past memories? She informs to him that she is getting blurry images of her past. She says to him that she wishes to visit a temple. She gets permission from him to go there. Arjun takes Aswini to his home. He reminds of Purushothaman words and stands there. Arjun informs to Aswin that Shanthamoorthy case is coming to court soon. Roja is Shenbagam real daughter he will prove it soon. After that he will talk with Annapoorna about his marriage with Pooja. He informs to him that he needs his support in this task.

Episode end.