Roja 1st October 2020 Written Update: Annapoorna insulting Pooja

Roja 1st October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Annapoorna and Anu coming to Temple. Annapoorna complaint to Anu that Kalpana is very good daughter in law to her before but now a days she listening to Arjun and Roja that is why she is going against her in all matter. She wished to perform Pooja and Aswin marriage. If she see Pooja then she don’t know what will she do then?

Arjun , Roja and Kalpana reach near idol and worshipping god. Aswin reached outside of the temple. Pooja stare two ladies whom placing vermillion in their nuptial chain she walk near her and stare them innocently. They ask to her Is she married. She nods yes. They explain to her that today is special daya for sumangalies if they place the amman vermillions in their nuptial chain then it will be a blessing to our husband long lives. She smiles and takes out her nuptial chain.

Anu and Annapoorna were standing opposite to her. Pooja done the way they narrated to her. They crossed her without noticing. Kalpana , Roja and Arjun takes a round around the temple she asked Arjun to fill vermillion in Roja’s nuptial chain. He says all ladies doing it by themself. Kalpana explains to him because their husbands didn’t accompany them but he accompanied Roja so do it. He filled it as per her wish and blessed her happily.

Trio moves to pragaram and starts to give sumangali thattu to all sumangalies. Pooja is waiting for Aswin there some ladies asked her to collect the thattu for husband long lives she shocked to see Roja there and hesitate to go. Roja excited to see her and calls her. She walked near her Kalpana says she gonna get married soon so give omee thattu to her.

Anu sees this and provoke Annapoorna they are intentionally doing this to separate her from Aswin. They brought Pooja to temple. Annapoorna got angry and lashed out of Kalpana and Roja. Arjun tries his best to convince her but she is not giving heed to him.

Arjun lies to her that he called her there. Annapoorna ask to Kalpana what’s going on here? Is she planning to arrange engagement there? She deny it and says Pooja came alone . She didn’t trust her and says Aswin also here. Aswin comes there on time and says yes he is here. Kalpana and Roja shocked to see him. Annapoorna starts to badmouth on Pooja and Kalpana.

Aswin ask to Annapoorna why did she bring Anu here did she choose new groom for Anu. She replies she will only marry him. He thought he already got married to Pooja. Anu starts to fight with Pooja holding her hand. She tries her best to release and she intentionally broke her bangles and blame Anu done it.

Both starts to argue Annapoorna interfears and ask her to get out of the temple by pulling her hand. She refuce to go. Aswin provoke the crowd to support Pooja they too supported her Arjun gives an idea to Annapoorna to shut her mouth and go orelse police will arrest her. She stays quiet and leaves from there Anu stepped on the broken bangles and hurts her leg. Roja gifted the thattu to Pooja when Kalpana asked for.

Sakshi called Anu and ask her to come to jim they have less time to take the report orelse he will tore her face in wedding anniversary and he will add her name in bhayya ganesh murder case too. Anu ask to her why should she come in this time. Sakshi ordered her to come. She sneaked out of the room and met Yadodha she asked her to lie she is sleeping. Arjun mobile beeped with alaram, he shocked to hear it.