Roja 20th May 2021 Written Update: Chandrakantha saves Shanthamoorthy and Roja

Roja 20th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja enters into her room tensed. Shenbagam going in auto one side another side Divya is waiting with her goons to kidnap Shenbagam. Roja tries to Arjun number. But he is not attending the call. She thinks he may be in court. She tries to alert Chandrakantha but it’s not reachable. She wishes to leave from there to save Shanthoorthy. Roja sends a voice message to both Chandrakantha and Arjun about Anu’s plan. She shares the truth to them through voice message. Roja leaves from there to meet Shanthamoorthy. Divya discussing the plan with her goons. Divya notices the auto coming. Her goons stops it and takes Shenbagam out of it. Divya asks her goons to caught her. Roja coming in opposite side. She notices Divya trying to kidnap Shenbagam. Goons makes Shenbagam unconscious. Roja witnessing this all from far.

Roja notices the police jeep and informs to the inspector that one lady is in danger save her. Divya’s goons notices the police and runs from there leaving Shenbagam there. Inspector checks Shenbagam and confirms she is alive. He asks the constable to take her inside the ambulance. Roja comes near him and enquire him about the lady. He informs to her that she is unconscious. He is taking her to near by hospital. He asks Roja to get inside the ambulance he needs her statement in this case. Roja informs to him that she is going to Jail to save one person life. Roja says to him she don’t need anything then save her. She gives her number to him and asks him to contact her if he needs anything. She assures to him that she will definitely come to police station. Roja asks him to drop her on the way. He nods to her. Roja about to go back he stops her and asks her to sit in front seat. Roja is travelling in ambulance.

Shenbagam is still unconscious state Roja travelling in same ambulance unaware of the truth her mom is in it. Inspector stops Roja near Jail. Roja thank him and call her if any problems is there. Divya notices Roja entering inside the jail. Divya calls to the goons. Roja enters inside with Jailer. Goons notices Roja and wishes to alert Divya. Divya asks them to kill Shanthamoorthy and Roja inside the jail. They shouldn’t come out alive. She assures to him that she will pay the amount double. Goons assures to her they will finish her. Jailer tells Roja that Arjun helped him a lot that’s why he is allowing her to meet Shanthamoorthy. She thank him. Shanthamoorthy questions Roja Is Saraswathy said anything to her after meeting her in home? Roja deny it. Shanthamoorthy says to Roja that someone attempted to kill him. Roja gets shock to hear it.

Roja questions him what happened? Shanthamoorthy narrates to Roja what happened actually in Jail and Shenbagam saved him at last time. He says to her that nurse whom saved him. She informed to him that she knew well Roja. Roja informs to him that none can to meet her. Goons comes there to attack Roja and Shanthakoorthy. Chandrakantha comes on spot and saves both. She scolds Jailer for being careless. She informs to him that Shanthamoorthy is a main witness in upcoming case. She asks them to give tight security to Shanthamoorthy. Jailer assures to her. Roja consoles Shanthamoorthy and says to him he will be safe here.

Episode end.