Roja 20th November 2020 Written Update: Roja donating blood to Shenbagam

Roja 20th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Manickam calls to Annapoorna and ask about Anu. She lies to him that Anu went to Birthday party she has no idea when did she return. She even left her phone in home. Manickam informs to her that one lady admitted in hospital she is in critical stage she needs blood immediately. Its rare group Anu has the same blood because he remember when Shenbagam says that Annapoorani, Anu and Shenbagam having same blood group.

Annapoorna replies to him that there is no guarantee when will Anu return like she can’t able to donate blood. Manickam feels disappointed and disconnect the call. Kalpana says to Annapoorna that Anu leg only fractured she can donate the blood. It seems the lady we met before the one Manickam mentioned. She is really in critical stage.

If we says to doctor they will come here and takes the blood. Annapoorna replies to her Anu is not in the state to donate the blood morethen after we gives blood if something goes wrong means it will be a huge problem. Roja disappoint with it and leaves from there.

Manickam calls to his assisstant and ask her about that lady state? She informs to him that blood didn’t get yet. Hospital is trying to get it soon but its getting delay she is in critical position too. He says to her that he too tried a lot but nothing goes as he planned.

Do onething ask help to all and save that lady. He can understand her may her family searching for her. In few minutes meeting gonna start so he won’t available but he will come and meet her soon. Roja offers help to Shenbagam. Kalpana feels proud seeing Roja. Nurse taken Roja to blood bank and taking blood from her.

Roja getting flashes of her mom. Kalpana force her to drink juice. Yasodha see them coming out of canteen and informs to Annapoorna that we are worried for Anu but they are enjoying the food. Annapoorna question them where were they roaming around? Kalpana replies to her that Roja donated blood. Annapoorna ask to her did she ask permission to her before giving it? They starts a arguement over this.

Annapoorna saying to Kalpana Roja is doing too much she didn’t ask permission to her before donating. Kalpana replies to her Anu didn’t donate blood that’s why Roja donated it to save a life. Annapoorna complaints she save an unknown person nothing is there to feel proud in it.

 Kalpana added that Roja the one donated blood to Annapoorna when she is fighting for life not Anu. On that time Roja neither ask permission to anyone nor wait for others she saved Annapoorna. Yasodha saya is Annapoorna and that lady same? Pratap shouts on her to stop fighting in hospital. He ask her to shut her mouth. Annapoorna leaves from there. Pratap appreciate Roja work and leaves.

Roja sitting in hospital lost in her thoughts. Arjun comes there and close her eyes. Roja surprise too see him there. He hugs her halfly. She question him why did he is here Annapoorna will scold him if she see him. He replies to her he is here to meet Roja not Anu. He forcefully takes her into car and makes her drink the juice.

Episode end.