Roja 21st January 2021 Written Update: Kalpana burst out in cry

Roja 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Shenbgam comes to the ward and meet the kids. They welcome her and thank Shenbagam for taking care of them. Shenbagam replies its her duty to do it. One girl says to her that she is taking care of them like Roja. Hearing Roja name Shenbagam gets confused. Shankaran informs to her that Arjun and Roja admitted these kids in hospital. When they came Roja was also in critical situation. Somehow they rescued everyone. Shenbagam was in kids ward that’s she notice her. That little girl says to her that Roja is very good that’s why she prayed to god take her lives and save Roja instead.

Shenbagam feels emotional and praised that girl good heart. She says god will bless her. She replies even Roja says to them they shouldn’t pray for themself but for others. Shenbagam says she missed meet her. She ask to her do she wanna see her? She ask to her how will she see her? She informs to her he is good at drawing Roja is in their heart so drawing her is simple work. He draw it and shows it to her. Shenbagam feels emotional seeing it and recollect her memories with Roja. She informs to Shankaran that she is the same girl she met in hospital. Always she feel connected with her. Shenbagam leaves to meet her those kids ask her to show the drawing to Roja.

Kalpana praying to god and talking with the frame that she never hide anything from her husband yet. But this matter is killing her. If her husband comes to know it this family will be divide into two. She is not enough lucky to witness both her son marriage. She is crying and go to her room. Yasodha, Anu and Balu are watching her. Yasodha informs to Anu that Kalpana is looking dull in these days. After shopping she is not active and stopped speaking with all. Even she didn’t eat anything in hotel. Anu says may she was upset with Pooja matter.

Yasodha says Pooja matter is usual one it won’t bother her but something happened seriously we wanna find it out. Kalpana brings Milk to Pratap. Her hands are shivering. Seeing her Pratap enquiring her what’s going on why is her hand shivering. She replies that heavy work. Pratap ask to her did she hiding anything from him. Kalpana deny it. Pratap says to her that he knew well Aswin matter running on her mind. He says to her that Arjun bring Roja to this house without their permission. We accepted her not knowing her background.

He don’t wanna see Aswin too following Arjun path. Roja is parentsless child so we accepted her. But we knew well about Pooja family. Annapoorna won’t accept their marriage. If mom comes to know he is behind her then this family splits into two. There is many chances she will leave the house. He can’t able to see it because he gave promise to his dad that he will care of his mom. We can manage Anu problem. He wish to arrange Aswin marriage next month. He ask her to talk with him. Anu gang evesdropping it.

Next day Kalpana lost in her thoughts when Pratap enquir her she lies to him that she is not well. Anu is suspecting what’s going on with her. Roja notice them and closed the door on their face. Roja appologize to Kalpana. She ask to her she is not ready to hide anything from her husband then how comes she expecting Kalpana hide the secret from Pratap.

Episode end.