Roja 21st June 2021 Written Update: Arjun teases Annapoorna

Roja 21st June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna is walking to and forth in hall and thinks if she don’t act like this then no one will believe her. She might act well to bring Anu back to this house. She doubts whether Arjun believed her or not? she might make him believe her then only her plan will be work out. After bringing Anu here she wanna kick out Arjun and Roja from this house. Annapoorna takes the fruit and starts eating it. She hides it under the sofa seeing Roja there. She pretends like taking rest Roja takes her up and asks her to drink the soup. Annapoorna pretends like talking with her in guilt. Roja forces her to drink it but Annapoorna keeps talking with her in guilty way. Kalpana and Pratap reaches there. Roja complaints to them that she is not drinking the soup.

Annapoorna says to them that she hurted Roja a lot hearing Anu words. She don’t have the rights to eat the hand made food of Roja. Roja feeds the soup to Annapoorna. Arjun comes there and staring them in teasing way. Balu brings the fake doctor there. Arjun questions her doesn’t she left yet? Balu says that he asked her to stay here till night for urgent purpose. Arjun teases the Doctor Roja asks him to stay silent and feeds the soup to Annapoorna. Doctor pretends like checking Annapoorna. Pratap questions her how is she doing now? Doctor says to all she is having good improvement. Annapoorna praises Roja as the reason behind her improvement.

Annapoorna says to Arjuna that she done a mistake. Roja is not a normal girl but gold. Arjun teases her that’s why she is touching her always. Kalpana asks him to stop teasing her. Annapoorna pretends like supporting Arjun reasoning after she done this much Arjun didn’t threw her out nor he left from this house. Arjun is not a normal one too he is a criminal lawyer that’s why his selection is also good.

Annapoorna says to Arjun that Roja’s soup saved her but that Anu hurted her. Arjun teases Annapoorna by saying the one whom she protected her went from here but whom she treated her badly giving soup to her. Annapoorna pretends like realizing her mistakes and supporting Arjun. Roja asks Annapoorna to stop taking like this. Arjun teases her. Annapoorna thinks Is he saying this after finding out the truth or teasing her? Annapoorna asks Arjun to stop teasing her and take Roja to honeymoon.

Kalpana says they didn’t celebrate their first night yet. Annapoorna thinks irritates about it. Arjun says some mind voice going on in her mind. Annapoorna lies to all that she failed to admire Roja in her childhood days. She didn’t get the chance to take care of her. kalpana asks her to stop worrying she has a long life. Nothing to worry Roja will take care of her well. Roja assures to her that she will take care of her like Shenbagam. Kalpana shares to Roja that Annapoorna whom take care of Arjun in childhood. Even he attached to her. But recent problems made him separate from her.

Annapoorna complaints that Anu is the reason for everything. Because of her she was away from all. She stopped her from loving all in this house. She took care of Arjun in childhood but Anu separated him from her. Annapoorna shares the Arjun’s childhood days with her. She adds that Arjun didn’t stopped loving her even after he was grown up though that Anu made a situation to made her go against him. Roja stares him emotionally but Annapoorna glares Roja there. Arjun notices it. Roja is doing meditation in her room. Arjun disturbs her and complaints that he thought she is sleeping while sitting. Roja says he may be funny but he has love on Annapoorna. Roja says that he notices the love on her while kalpana mentioned about his childhood days with Annapoorna.

Kalpana praises Arjun there. Arjun notices Balu is eavesdropping. Arjun says to Kalpana that he loves Annapoorna more then her reasoning Annapoorna used to take care of him in childhood. All kids used to mention mom as first but he mentioned as Grandma. He shares the childhood incidents to Roja.

Episode end.