Roja 21st May 2021 Written Update: Divya kidnaps Shenbagam from hospital

Roja 21st May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shanthamoorthy shares to Roja that someone tried to kill him inside the jail by mixing poison in food. Saraswathy who rescued him. He adds that she knew Roja well she went to meet her. He asked that lady to convey the matter to Arjun and Roja. She informs to him none came to meet her. Goons tries to attack Roja and Shanthamoorthy. Chandrakantha saves them. She questions the Jailer is this the way he protecting Shanthamoorthy? She adds that Shanthamoorthy is a main witness in the Ganesh murder case. This case coming on court next week. If he don’t take a good care on him then she will ask security to court. Jailer informs to her none came from out someone from this jail attacked him.

Roja consoles that nothing will happen to him. Roja questions Chandrakantha how come she came here? She informs to her that Arjun heard the voice message and alerted her. Chandrakantha praised Roja’s presence of mind. Because of her she came to save her. Inspector admitted Shenbagam in hospital. Doctor enquires to him about her relatives and case. He informs to doctor he has no idea about it but someone attacked her in road. He saved her at correct time. Doctor takes Shenbagam inside and starts checking her. Doctor informs to Inspector that she just fainted. She can only say everything after she got conscious. Inspector says to her that he is waiting to take her statement.

Divya says that they missed an good chance to kill her. She asks her henchman to keep an eye on her. She shouldn’t be escape from here. She informs to them she is going to meet Sakshi. Police asks Sakshi to be careful. If Chandrakantha comes to know it then it will be risk to him. She asks him to quit this job and become her guard. She will give more amount to him. Divya comes there and informs to Sakshi that Saraswathy met Shanthamoorthy in jail. She wished to meet Roja and say everything to her. But she smartly made her unconscious on the way but police saved her at last. She adds that Roja went in that ambulance. Sakshi says to her its an important news. Divya assures to her that Roja didn’t see Saraswathy. Saskhi says to Divya that Chandrakantha trying to lock her in this case along with Arjun. She scold her for ruining everything
Sakshi asks Divya to kidnap Shenbagam before she get conscious. Sakshi shares a plan to her. Divya assures to Sakshi that she will kidnap Shenbagam and send her to the place she said.

Sakshi says to Divya she wants to meet Saraswathy too. Divya questions her how will she meet her there? She informs to her only Chandrakantha is enemy to her not others. Divya leaves from there. Doctor is checking Shenbagam and informs to Inspector that she is still unconscious state. Doctor asks Nurse to take CT scan for her. Divya hears that CT scan is not working in that hospital. Divya wishes to use this situation to kidnap her.

Divya notices the nurse taking Shenbagan out. Divya asks her henchman to check whether they kept key on ambulance or not? Divya pretends like Shenbagam relatives and cheats the nurse. She takes Shenbagam from there. Roja and Chandrakantha are waiting to see Shanthamoorthy. He comes there to meet her. Chandrakantha alerts Shanthamoorthy that tomorrow case is coming to hearing.

Episode end.