Roja 21st September 2020 Written Update: Roja finished the Pooja successfully

Roja 21st September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja crying infront of idol for her situation. She blames god for spoiling her pooja. She says to god in warning tone if she didn’t get back the lakshmi dollar she will end her life today . She about to go someone calls her as Roja. She turns back to the person.

 God comes infront of her disguised and forward the dollar to her by saying she found that dollar from ground. Roja smiles happily seeing it she turns towards the idol and thank her god smiles seeing this and moves away.

 Roja turns back to thank the person umaware of god but she left . Priest comes there and ask to her what is she doing with the things which fell down ? How will she do the pooja with this items. Roja replies to him she lost her hope to continue it but she got back her dollar it seems god blesssing her .

Priest think for a while and walked near Shenbagam( saraswathy) he narrates the situation to her . She ask the priest to give her plate to her without thinking once . She considered her as her daughter . Priest ask her to give it with her hands. She deny it by saying we should help others not showing our face . Priest give the plate to Roja and says its pooja done so takes it with her before the time click 5. Roja nods..

Here Annapoorna tease Kalpana will Roja come on time or not ? Kalpana replied she will on time she has confindent on her . Arjun pacing here and there nervously. Anu smirks thinking she won’t reach on time . Annapoorna discourage them by saying she won’t come on time only few minutes left .

Yasodha added Roja can’t able to finish this pooja. Arjun shouts on her by asking doesn’t she know to speak normally always speaking ill about others. Annapoorna says only blessed people  those who can finish it .

Arjun says she is behaving like chamelion always changing her decisions. Annapoorna got angry hearing it . She says to him to give respect to her age . Aswin comes down and replies she should behave in her age . Anu supports grandy . Arjun provoke Anu and makes her convince Grandy . Roja reach on time after finishing pooja it gave an utter shock to everyone.

 Anu thought something went wrong. Annapoorna disliked her finish the pooja. Kalpana ask her to take blessing but she deny it. Yasodha and Anu says to gift her after she done all pooja . Arjun stops her and stood adamant to gift Roja today itself . Don’t back off from her words.

Annapoorna ask Yasodha to bring the gift from Pooja room . Arjun ask Anu to bring it . She goes there and thought that lady decieved her after got money from her .

Arjun comes there and ask her to place the gift on her head and move . Annapoorna bless her uninterestedly and ask Arjun to makes her wear the lakshmi dollar..he too makes her wear it Roja felt happy .

Pooja gifts to Roja photo printed Cup . Arjun and Roja kissing pics in it. Roja liked it a lot. She admiring that gift she thanked Pooja for that. Pooja replies that its the first time she asking something to her so she must do it. Roja says Arjun gifted many things to him but she couldn’t so she prepared this gift from her own savings. Upcoming Anniversary she waiting eagerly for it to gift him .