Roja 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Manickam save Anu

Roja 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Annapoorna question Chandralekha why did she came here? She replies to him that she came here to arrest Anu for kidnapping Roja. Anu starts crying. Annapoorna saying to her she won’t allow her to arrest Anu. Those goons ran away right? Then how could she arrest Anu? She replies to her if they run she won’t sit back silent she caughted them and get their statement against Anu.

Arjun ask her to continue the process. Chandrakantha ask the constable to take her. She about to touch her but Annapoorna pushes her away. Then ask them to leave her. Chandrakantha ask to her why did she behaving like this she is an criminal. She shouldn’t support her if she do she will arrest her too. Annapoorna threatening her how could she arrest her. Kalpana and Roja staring her tensed. Annapoorna trying a lot to save Anu.

Arjun saying to her don’t do anything she is an criminal she kidnapped Roja she is not even a woman but ghost. Chandrakantha says to her she has arrest warrant so she will arrest her. Everything is wrong in this house by saying Annapoorna goes to pooja room and inform this all to Manickam.

Chandrakantha saying to Anu after done so much mistakes she can’t able to escape from law often. She will be punished soon for it. She ask constable to take Anu with them. Annapoorna comes there and stop her. Arjun says to her she is an criminal so don’t support her. Annapoorna shouts on Kalpana and threaten her if she don’t stop Arjun she will break all ties with her. Kalpana question her why did she breaking the ties with her for that Anu whom done this crime. Arjun says to her they are using her love as trumpcard to save this Anu.

Chandrakantha about to take Anu from there. Manickam comes there and stop her. He blames Arjun doing this all to take revenge on him. Arjun deny it. Manickam gives bail for Anu so Chandrakanatha leaves quietly. Manickam takes Anu with him. Annapoorna send her with him.

Arjun teaching to Roja. Annapoorna, Yasodha and Balu see this. They said this girl elpoed from here because of this. But this Arjun blames Anu for it. He is doing too much. She knew well this girl not gonna win. Kalpana coming there Balu alert Annapoorna. She enters into the room they hides from there.

Kalpana admiring Roja. She shares to her she felt worry for her when she was kidnapped. Roja too felt the same. Annapoorna mocked their relationship and plan to stop the girl from writing the exam. They calls to Anu. She informs to them she will send duplicate hall ticket before the orginal one.

Episode end.