Roja 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna manipulating Kalpana

Roja 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kalpana saying to Roja that she feel betrayed. She never thought Roja will hide this matter from her. Roja says to her she wish to confess to her but Arjun stops her how will she inform this to her without his permission. Kalpana says so she can’t able hide anything from her husband then how will she hide this from her husband Pratap. She never hide anything from him. She says that she never expect Roja will do like this to her?

When Arjun bring Roja to this house none accepted her but Kalpana accept her seeing her love. Anu, Balu and Yasodha trying to evesdrop but can’t able to hear anything. Kalpana asking to her Is they hide only this thing or something else? Roja deny it. Kalpana saying to her that she shouldn’t cry this much orelse she will turns out be a culprit.

Annapoorna will complaint about her upbringing. Yasodha will never give respect to her reasoning her own sons didn’t respect her. Anu will blame her that she lead this marriage from front and ruined her life. Roja appologize to her and ready to fall on her feet. She deny it and crying. Anu, Yasodha and Balu leaves to talk in private.

Balu is singing song. Anu banged on his head and ask him to give an idea. Balu says that some problem is going on but not able to understand what it is. Anu says we knew it say something new. How will we learn it? Balu ask her to turns the table to Annapoorna side. Anu smirks and says its an good idea. If Annapoorna ask to her then she has no option left then answering her. Anu, Yasodha and Balu inform this to Annapoorna. She replies that Kalpana used to blabber inside temple. Talking with husband in private is normal. Anu says she is behaving like this after they returned from mall. Annapoorna thinks its something serious so she will talk with her in private.

Annapoorna goes near Kalpana and says to her that she is not feeling well because she forget to take the medicine. Kalpana moves to give thr medicine to her. Anu, Yasodha and Balu evesdropping their conversation. Annapoorna saying to her that Kalpana is the gift of this house. She is an good daughter in law and make her feel happy giving grand kids to her. She never tries to come between her husband and Mom. She is an genuine soul. Kalpana says she is an ordinary daughter in law no need to praise her. Annapoorna says if someone is in her position they would have split into two family. She is true to all. Kalpana says that she is genuine to all but all are she paused. Annapoorna thinks she is melting so she can get the reason from her.

Annapoorna talking with her like sugar candy to get the news from her. She compares her with Shenbagam. She ask her to share the reason to her. Kalpana says that she never hide anything from Annapoorna and her husband. Kalpana notice Arjun in stairs. He signal her to don’t say anything to her.

Episode end.