Roja 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Aswin is in a critical stage

Roja 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Annapoorna saying to Roja she came into this house as a contract wife so her additional plan is to kill everyone here? Is she done it all for money means she would have give it to her before itself once she ask to her but how could she hurt her grandson in this way?

Anu says to her she will do anything for money her plan is to kill everyone in this family and live in this house happily. Roja says to her don’t badmouth on her and ask Annapoorna to trust her. Anu says to her she won’t let her go so she rushed into kitchen to find the evidence. She takes out the poison from her sarie and gives it to Annapoorna to escape from the crime and blame Roja. Annapoorna lashes out at Roja. Roja says to them this Anu brought this evidence without even searching everywhere so definitely she is the one mixed poison in the sweet by saying this she slapped Anu.

Yasodha stopped Roja. Roja says to them this Anu done it all she gonna inform this to Arjun. They snatched the phone from her hand. Roja says to them if they stole phone from her she will go straight to police station to give complaint. Annapoorna stopped her and pushed into room then locked the room from outside. Anu inform this news to Sakshi she advise her to lock Roja into prison that’s the good oppurtunity to take revenge on Roja.

Here Kalpana crying badly for Aswin state. Doctor tested his blood samples and inform to his family that some poison mixed in his blood its find out from the food which he ate. Kalpana says to him that he ate prasad only she and Roja cooked it so no poison mixed in it. Doctor said to her poison mixed in that food its in lab report. Arjun thinks how did it happen and Console Kalpana. Doctor informs to them his condition is critical.

Anu inform to police about the incident. Roja keeps banging the door. Kalpana crying in temple and praying for Aswin. Arjun console her she ask him to leave her alone she starts to pray for him in temple. Inspector comes to his house and ask to Anu whom gives complaint. Anu says to her she complained. She narrated everything to her and says she locked Roja inside the room when she tries to escape from there.

Inspector praised her act and appreciate her. She opened the door Roja tries to run from there inspector stopped her. She starts to question her Roja keeps replying to her that she is innocent everyone is framing her. She pleads to everyone there to support her but none do it. She ask the inspector to inform this to her husband who is criminal lawyer.

Anu says to cop that she is a criminal came to this house as a contract wife. Her altimate plan is to kill everyone here and enjoy this property and all. Anu keeps badmouthing on her. Roja deny it all Inspector slapped her and taken her into jeep. Anu smirks seeing her condition.

Kalpana returned to hospital and shocks to see the empty bed. Arjun replies to her he is taken to take scan. Anu reach the hospital to see him. Inspector taken Roja into Police station.