Roja 22nd September 2020 Written Update: Annapoorna insulting Roja

Roja 22nd September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja saying to Pooja that by god grace she got Arjun in her life.  If he is not with her she couldn’t imagine a life alone.  One year passed with him but she didn’t realized it.  Pooja says to her to treat her well after she comes to that house not showing off as eldest daughter in law. Both leaves from there to wrap the gift.  

Pooja dropped Roja near by the house,  Pooja says she will drop her in house Roja deny it by saying they will create problem if they see her,  she might take good name infront of them.  Pooja says she can’t be like Roja to bear all she will fight for her rights.  

Anu couldn’t forget the way Arjun insulted her so she wanna provoke Grandy against them so she says to Annapoorna that she accepted Roja as daughter in law of this house.  She left home in morning till she didn’t reach the home doesn’t it means she don’t value their rules and regulation

They talking with each other Aswin see them and tried to call her but she didn’t listen to him,  once Roja entered in he follows her.  Annapoorna complaints to Kalpana that some things were changed in that thambulam which Roja brought back to home,  so Anu doubts whether Roja completed the pooja well or not?

Roja comes in by saying she completed the pooja well. Yasodha says they didn’t go with her then how comes they trust her.  Roja replies to them then they should accompany her instead of suspecting.  Annapoorna shouts she is talking back to Yasodha in irrespectful way,  Kalpana supports Roja. Yasodha ask to her why didn’t she inform to Grandma when she went out? Where were she? Kalpana replies she unformed to her.

Yasodha says doesn’t it means she don’t respect grandy. Pratap shouts on Yasodha and says Kalpana has equal respect in this house like his mom.  Anu says are they both equal? Roja whispered to Anu to stop it don’t create fights between Grandy and Kalpana. Anu blames Roja fakely that she threatening her.  Annapoorna shouts on Roja that how dare she talk ill about their house heir.

 Kalpana replies even Roja is this house daughter in law yesterday she accepted her.  When arguements went overboard Pratap shouts on them to give peace to him or else he won’t come back alive.

Kalpana and Roja feels worried for him but Annapoorna turns this against Kalpana and blames her. She starts to talk emotionally to hurt them. Yasodha says its all started from Roja where were she? She replied she went to buy gift for Arjun for their Anniversary.  Annapoorna blames Roja she is using their money to impress Arjun. Roja says she brought this gift in her own money she done accounting work in night.  

Yasodha don’t believe it and says Roja is a thief.  Frustrated Kalpana slapped Yasodha in anger.  Annapoorna ask to her why did she slapped her? Kalpana replies she is good daughter in law but not a fool. She obeyed her all time and beard the pain they gave to her but now Roja is her daughter in law she should save her from them and be a mother in law to her.  

Anu provoke grandy against Roja. Grandy ask her to leave but Yadodha snatched the gift from her and tries to unwrap it Roja tried to stop her she threw it to Anu.  Finally Yasodha thorw that gift down to break it but Arjun caught in on time.