Roja 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Aswin leaves the house

Roja 23rd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aswin asks to Roja why is she pretends to be a good person? Already her true face revealed. Arjun supporting Roja. Annapoorna comments that she fears her property paper will be steal by Roja. She asks Pratap to place it in bank locker. Pratap scolds Kalpana for giving the land to Roja even after Annapoorna stopped her.

Pratap adds that she gave the papers to wrong person whom doesn’t know the value of money. Anu says that Roja selled the property in low rate. Is she gonna become a Collector? Annapoorna asks Roja to leave the house. Arjun deny it. Annapoorna complaints that from childhood Aswin and Arjun never fights for anything but they fighted today because of Roja. Annapoorna asks Roja to leave. Arjun replies that he will also leave with Roja. Aswin says he will leave from here. Kalpana stops him. Anu and Yasodha are provoking Aswin against Roja. Aswin says to Kalpana that he is leaving.

Kalpana requests to Aswin don’t go anywhere. She is pleading with him likewise Pratap too. Aswin says to Kalpana that he must go out orelse he will die in humiliation. Kalpana tries to stop him. Aswin walks out of the house. Arjun says to Aswin that everyone tries to seperate the brothers don’t be a victim here. Arjun requests him to give 48 hours time to him. Arjun pleads with him. Aswin leaves from there. Roja trying to explains him that she is innocent. She is considering him as her brother. Roja pleading with Aswin and ready to fall on his feet. Aswin pushes her away and leaves from there.

Kalpana cries seeing her son leaving. Kalpana says to Roja that she is the reason behind this all. She creates rifts between brothers. She breaks Aswin heart that’s why he left the house. She ruins his happiness. Roja deny it and says to her that she is innocent but she is not ready to believe it. Kalpana asks Roja to stop calling her as aunty orelse she will die.

Arjun hugs Roja. Anu and the trio are enjoying the scene. Roja crying thinking about Aswin and Kalpana’s harsh words. Arjun comes there and says to Roja that tears won’t proves her innocence so stop crying. Roja says to him that she can’t able to bear Kalpana’s hatreness towards her. Roja questions him why didn’t he scolding her like others. He assures to her that he trusts her. Roja says to him that she is not a suitable daughter in law of this house. She brings bad luck here she seperated brothers and made Kalpana cry. She will leave the house. Arjun consoles her.

Episode end.