Roja 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Arjun convincing Kalpana

Roja 23rd January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Kalpana saying to Annapoorna that she didn’t hide anything from Pratap and Annapoorna yet. Annapoorna says many problems come and go but our children only stand for them. Share her grief with her. Arjun is staring at her from upstairs and trying to alert her. Kalpana is crying and about to start the textile shop matter but she notices Yasodha, Anu and Balu are listening to her. She notices Arjun there she gets surprised to see him. He signals to her don’t say anything to them.

Annapoorna keep giving pressure to her to confess. Kalpana lie to them that she don’t like Pooja came to textile shop. Annapoorna question her did she worried for her? Kalpana nods. Annapoorna replies she thought something else. Kalpana says she was thinking about it last two days and feeling bad. Arjun informs to Roja that mom about to confess all truth to Annapoorna but he stopped her in nick of time. He ask to her what happened here?

Roja informs to hin that Kalpana is a worry for them she was crying the whole day. She even scolds her for it. She doesn’t mind her scolding because she has all rights to scold her. Arjun says that he at least brought her home after marriage but this Aswin playing hide and seek not even have dared to face the situation. Arjun assures her he will convince Kalpana.

Anu and Divya reach hospital and thinks to check Shenbagam there but couldn’t so they enquired to one doctor about her? She informs to her that she went from here to meet someone. Anu enquired who is it? She replies as Roja. Anu gets shocked and says to her she will go and meet her by saying Divya and Anu leaves to search for her. Shembagam going in bus and gets down from it.

Divya notice her going inside the temple. She informs this to Anu. She scold her for allowing her entering into the city. She says if we leave her she will go straightly into her house. Divya says don’t be scared she is going to one temple. Anu realized she was also there. Divya ask her to avoide meeting Shenbagam and Annapoorna. Anu ask her to kidnap her once she comes out. Annapoorna called her to join with her so Anu leave with her.

Arjun go to Kalpana room. She turns her face and ask Roja to take him from there. Arjun says to her if she don’t see his face then he will go to trip and comes after 20days. Kalpana deny it. Arjun saying to her they done wrong but she must understand the situation too. Roja saying to her that Aswin married her to save her reputation. They understand his situation so they accepted their marriage. Kalpana says atleast Arjun brought Roja to home but Aswin hide everything from them.

Arjun added that he has good prestige and earning lot of money though he didn’t go seperately with Roja and bearing all the torture from Annapoorna and Anu. Because he wish to live with his mom. Aswin also not less he married Pooja though he is living here as her son only so she must understand him. Anu and Annapoorna taking round around the temple. Anu asking to her why did she took her to this temple today? She replies she feel to come here because its giving immense pleasure to her. She used to feel her daughter is alive. Anu noticed Shenbagam there

Episode end.