Roja 23rd November 2020 Written Update: Arjun teasing Anu

Roja 23rd November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Shenbagam is on bed. She is connected with many machines she is breathing through oxygen mask. Manickam assisstant informing to Roja that she has doubt whether they accept Roja as her blood relation or not? Roja thinks a while and informs to her she gonna call to her husband he will give an idea for it or deal with it. She nods.

Roja dials to Arjun. He picks the call and says to her he missed her a lot. She informs to him that she called him to share one important matter to him. He ask her to continue. She narrates to Arjun how did she donated blood after that Annapoorna created a huge problem when she heard that Roja was ready to sign behalf of that lady blood relation to do her operation.

Arjun replies to her nothing to worry his friend is a lawyer he was dealing such cases. Roja waiting for his call there. Arjun talked with his friend and inform to Roja she can sign on the form without tension he will deal with all. Roja smiles and thank him. He ask her to take care. Office staff ask Roja Is she her daughter?

 Roja thinks a while she feels an new feelings inside her some blurry scenes coming to her mind. Staff again ask her she nods as yes. He ask to her what’s the patient name? Roja replies to him as Shenbagam. She signed in it as Roja Arjun. Manickam assisstant thank her. Operation started.

Doctors doing surgery to Shenbagam and discussing with each other inside the OT. Then done the operation successfully. Anu asking to Annapoorna why did she cried for that Roja? Annapoorna replies to her she didn’t cried for her she got Shenbagam memories. Anu says to her that Roja is not worth to cry for her.

She replies to her that she question her humanity? Anu says to her that Roja having no background so don’t worry about her. Balu too adding fuel in the fire by saying that Roja signed in the form even after Annapoorna stopped her. She didn’t respect her words. Kalpana and Roja enters in. Balu complaints that Kalpana and Roja is not here to see Anu but to do service in the hospital and ate Biriyani too.

Kalpana says to Roja call Arjun orelse someone will dance a lot here. Balu gulps. Yasodha provoking Annapoorna against Roja by saying she didn’t respect Annapoorna but doing everything in their own wish. Roja ask Yasodha to stop provoking grandy. Anu questioning her in provoking way Roja replies she is not like that to divide the family into two. She used to stop Arjun a lot whenever he tried to leave the house. Anu says that Roja changed him. Kalpana supports Roja and says she saved an life so she is so proud of her. Roja is important to her then anyone in that family.

Arjun calls her Kalpana ask her to put it in loudspeaker. Arjun flirting with Roja in mobile. He ask to Her how was Anu Is her leg ok or cut it out? He starts complainig Balu for being lazy and foodie. He complaints Annapoorna got changed after Anu came into the house. Roja disconnect the call.

Annapoorna send Kalpana and Roja to home to bring food for them. Anu blabbering in hungry, Annapoorna scolding them for not coming on time. Kalpana and Roja reach to hospital. Kalapana says to Roja that she don’t like the way Anu enjoyed their bad state. She wanna punish her for that by saying she shared something to her muted.

Episode end.