Roja 23rd October 2020 Written Update: Sakshi’s faithful Inspector trying to force Roja to accept the crime.

Roja 23rd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Pooja rushing inside the hospital crying to meet Aswin there she ask to the receptionist about him. She rushed to ICU and see his family was there already. She ask to Kalpana what happened to Aswin crying badly. Kalpana whom already in broken state crying with her more not answering anything to her. She ask to Pratap he also staying silent there. She ask to Arjun but he is also not replying to her.

She checks the room but its empty. She plead to Arjun to share it to her. He informs to her that he was taken to take Scan. She is crying more and ask to Arjun what actually happen to him. Arjun narrared everything to Pooja she gets shocked to hear it. Nurse comes outside she rushed near her and enquire about him. Nurse ask to her why did she reacting this much then his parents who is she to him. She hesitate to reply and leaves from there.

Here Inspector pushed Roja on table and ask her to accept the crime. She replies to her she won’t accept it because she is innocent here. She plead to Inspector to inform this to Arjun he will handle it all. Inspector provoking her to confess the crime which she didn’t commit. She slapped Roja when she talks back to her.

Here Pooja is in temple and praying for Aswin recovery. She takes out her thaali and praying to god. She ask god to save Aswin because he tied it on her neck. None knew this secret but god knew it. Please save him. If this thaali has power then save her Aswin. Arju saw Pooja with her thaali. She hides it from him immediately. He ask to her when did she got married? She narrated everything to him whatever happened to her and Aswin ended up marrying her.

Kalpana comes there and ask to them what’s going on there? Why did they talking in private. Arjun console her and assures to her nothing will happen to him. Doctor informs to them his condition is critical they must wait to know the result. Kalpana and Pratap go in to meet Aswin. Arjun ask Pooja to hide the marriage matter from everyone. Here Sakshi called Inspector she assures to her that she will make Roja sign in confession paper. She pushed Roja inside the prison. One lady constable says to her she will help her. Roja praying for Aswin health.

Annapoorna , Anu and Yasodha comes to see Aswin in hospital they start to pick fight with Pooja for coming here. Anu trying to send her out but Pooja is not easy type she pushed everyone back and slapped Anu back to back and says to her that she has all rights on him then her.