Roja 23rd September 2020 Written Update: Arjun takes stands for Roja

Roja 23rd September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Yasodha stopping Roja to check her gift , Kalpana tells her to leave her but Yasodha snatch her gift from her hand and tries to open it , Roja pleads to her to give back her gift, Yasodha throw it to Anu she ran near her and pleads with her but she don’t give heed to her pleading and throw it to Yasodha Roja rushed to her , they are doing this often Kalpana too pleading to leave her but they don’t listen her , Annapporna shouts on Roja and ask them to unwrap it . They tease her seeing coffee cup in it .

Annapoorna says they were lack of coffee cup to drink it that’s why she brought it for him. Roja cries hearing it and says she brought it to surprise him. Annapoorna says she brought small small playing things for Arjun when he borned but that too gold but look at Roja brought an cheap thing she pity on Kalpana.

She replies Roja is a poor girl leaves her . Annapoorna says it will broken once fell down why should worry for it ? Anu teases will it break if she dropped down , Yadodha and Anu doing trial there Roja trying to stop them finally Anu threw it to hurt Roja but Arjun caught it make them shocked.

He stare it lovingly , Roja ran near him while crying , he hugs her to console her . He ask to Anu what is she doing ? She replies its slipped from her hand . Kalpana says its an lie . Sumathi told all truth to him . Arjun warns Anu to stay in her limit. Annapoorna says just before Kalpana slapped Yadodha now he joined with her .

Hearing this Arjun feels happy and praise her act. He advise her to keep it up . Arjun explain to them that he never shows the praise of the thing but the person heart whom gifted him. He value it only . He explained to her that if he buy Rs. 500 cheppal that doesn’t mean he will place it on head he must place it under his feet but just 50. Paise vermillion we used to fill in our hairline so understand the difference.

Money won’t value anything . He can’t able to buy two things in the world with money that’s his mom and wife . He carry her in his arms and leaves to his room .

Aswin stops Pooja and complaints to her she didn’t give heed to him , they flirt with each other , kalpana see them from balcony Pooja noticed and inform to Aswin. He sits back to her and ask to drive.

Arjun consoling the crying Baby Roja by using some beautiful words but she still crying he hugs her and ask her to imagine them spending time together in beautiful view then her heart will feel ease . She imagined a romantic dance with him , both dancing each other romantically . Roja says its feeling so good in imagination itself. He hugs her from back.