Roja 24th February 2021 Written Update: Arjun tries to convince Kalpana

Roja 24th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja keeps crying and says to Arjun that she can’t able to bear Kalpana’s ignorance. Arjun advises to her that Kalpana will forgive her if Aswin returns. Aswin will understand Roja after the hangover. Arjun enquires to Roja about the registration. Roja narrates everything to Arjun.

Aswin walking on road while drunk. Naveen notices him and stops Aswin on road. Naveen questions Aswin why is he drunk? He offers him lift but he denies to go with him reasoning he has no home. All are fake in his house. Aswin advises to Naveen don’t trust anyone.

Naveen convinces Aswin and takes him to his house. Arjun doubts where is Aswin. Naveen informs to Arjun that he met Aswin in road he brings him to home. He narrates the incident to Naveen. Naveen assures to Arjun that he will takes care on him. Arjun informs to Roja about Aswin whereabouts? Roja says to Arjun she will convey this to Kalpana she will be happy. Arjun stops her for Kalpana’s safety.

Kalpana is crying thinking about Aswin. Pratap tries to convince Kalpana. Roja comes there with coffee but Pratap refuses to drink it. Kalpana asks Pratap to send Roja away. Kalpana warns to Roja if she stay here more then she will leave the house. Annapoorna says that Roja expecting this. After kicking out everyone from the house she wants to rule the house alone with her husband. Roja falls on Kalpana’s feet and appologizes to her.

Roja accepts her mistakes. She says to Kalpana that she went for registration for Ashramam peoples. Yasodha says to Kalpana that Roja betrays all. Roja complaints that she is badmouthing her in jealous. Yasodha provokes Annapoorna against Roja. Anu too joins with her. Anu says to Kalpana that she didn’t sleep well yesterday thinking about Aswin. He may end up sleeping in road. Kalpana feels heart break hearing it. Arjun snaps his fingers and confronts Anu.

Arjun says to Anu that she has no rights to talk about it. All are using Roja’s helpless state against her. Anu says that Roja made Aswin drunkard. She is talking for Aswin good because she going to marry him. Arjun replies that he can’t able to believe it. Kalpana asks Arjun to stop supporting Roja. Kalpana says to Arjun that he is blind in her matters. Arjun tries to explain Kalpana that Anu is behind everything.

Annapoorna complaints that Arjun always pointing Anu. Arjun adds that Anu mixed poison in athirasam and blames Roja but she done pariharam for him. She is still the same. Anu done many sin. He narrates to them that he finds out Njanavelu and he knew well who is the first aquist. Roja is innocent here someone is behind Roja all time and place the board in land after Roja registered the property. Anu done it all.

Episode end.