Roja 24th May 2021 Written Update: Roja, Chandrakantha meets Shanthamoorthy in jail

Roja 24th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Divya rushes to the nurse and pretends like Shenbagam’s sister. She asks them to leave her to Divya she will take Shenbagam to CT scan centre. Nurse leaves from there. Divya kidnaps Shenbagam from there.

Roja and Chandrakantha comes to meet Shanthamoorthy in jail. Shanthamoorthy comes there and greets them. Roja questions him how is he doing there? Shanthamoorthy informs to them they reacted him on correct time so he escaped from it. She assures to him he will be safe. Chandrakantha informs to Shanthamoorthy in two days case is coming to hearing in court. He shouldn’t be scared of anyone and give his statement there honestly.

Shanthamoorthy says to her before days Sakshi or Anu used to threaten him whenever this case came on hearing but he don’t mind them now. He won’t back off from his words this time. He wants to come out to save many orphan and Roja. Roja praises his good deeds and his behavior. He sacrifices a lot for others. Shanthakoorthy informs to her that he love this life. At least he can help others instead of living in massive house and sleeping on money. Chandrakantha asks him to nothing to worry. If this case proved then he can be free from this case.

Shanthamoorthy says to them that he can’t be happy if he comes out too. He rented that building for orphans. He cannot able to forgot those moments. He wants to get Roja as his daughter in next birth. Roja feels happy to hear it. Roja asks Shanthamoorthy to stay in her house after he release from jail. He informs to her that many are troubling him inside the jail. He is happy to stay anywhere. He wanna open the orphanage again. Arjun wanna help him to do it. Roja assures to him it will definitely happen. Chandrakantha informs to Shanthamoorthy that he used to scared of Sakshi. She arrested her now so he don’t need to be scared of anyone.

Shanthamoorthy says to them that he pretends be like fool and hide the truth to save his orphan kids and homeless people. Chandrakantha praises Shanthamoorthy’s good heart. His helping mind is saving him from all Arjun knew it all that’s why he is fighting hard to release him. More then Roja also working hard for it. Shanthamoorthy says that Roja even sacrificed her life for him too. By god grace she got Arjun in her life. He is taking care of her well.

Shanthamoorthy assures to them that he will come to court. He will give statement in court and open his orphanage again. He adds that Priya is doing many sins. He prays god wanna forgive her and change her life again. Divya asks her goons to tie Shenbagam tighter. She is very important person to her. Inspector gives phone call to Sakshi. Divya informs to Sakshi that she took Shenbagam to her place. Sakshi appreciate her work. Sakshi asks Divya to bring lawyer with her. It’s risk if Chandrakantha or Arjun see her. Divya assures to her. Sakshi informs to Inspector that she want to go out. He informs to her its a risk job. Divya comes there to pick Sakshi. Sakshi asks Inspector to be very careful.

Shenbagam gets conscious, Goons notices her wake up. Shenbagam pleads with them to save her. She asks them to release her. Sakshi comes there and questions her who is she? Shenbagam is not giving answer to her. Sakshi is keep torturing Shenbagam to confess the truth but she is teasing her. Sakshi says to her that she will release her if she confess the truth. Divya questions Shenbagam who is Roja? She informs to her she is like her daughter. Shenbagam question her why did they torturing her? Sakshi leaves from there.

Episode end.