Roja 24th November 2020 Written Update: Anu confessed all truth to Roja

Roja 24th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kalpana saying to Roja that Anu felt so happy when we about to loss the case in court. She wanna punish her for that. Roja replies to her let’s leave her because Arjun the one whom won the case at last. Kalpana replies to her that she can’t able to take it easily because she made us cry a lot in court may Arjun saw her smiling that’s why he broke her leg and made her lay in hospital bed.

 Roja laughs hearing it. She tried to kill Aswin so she might do something to her. Roja says to her she can understand her feelings but how to punish her? Kalpana shares some secret to her. Roja appreciate her idea. Annapoorna complaints that Roja is too late to come here look at Anu she is in hunger. Roja and Kalpana enters there. Balu says to them he was praising them till. Kalpana and Roja makes faces there.

Annapoorna complaints to them they are pretty late Anu was moaning in hunger first serve to her and them. Kalpana signal to Roja she nods back to her. Kalpana opening the food carrier. Balu commented they are opening it very late but know to separate family soon. Kalpana glares him he gulped seeing her. Kalpana informs to Annapoorna that she cooked only for Anu not for them.

Annapoorna question to her didn’t she ask her to cook for them too. Kalpana lies to her she didn’t listened carefully. Annapoorna complaints she never listen her. Kalpana informs to them they smelled good biriyani from canteen if they go soon they can eat it from there. Balu force Yasodha to go with him soon. Annapoorna refuse to go even after Kalpana asked her reasoning she wanna feed to Anu first.

Kalpana signal to Roja and serve the food in plate. Annapoorna says to Anu that Kalpana cooked an delicious food to her its looking so yummy. She starts to feed Anu. She is eating that food like seeing food first time. Kalpana and Roja makes weird faces. Kalpana says to Annapoorna she can go and eat now Anu can eat alone. Annapoorna refused but Anu ask her to go.

 Annapoorna liked the food smell and wish to take a bite of it. Kalpana stops her by reasoning she cooked it specially for Anu with deit she will cook delicious food for her in home. Annapoorna agrees and leaves from there. Anu eating that food like hell. Roja and Kalpana staring her smirking. After Anu ate the food they starts to talk in double meaning? Roja informs to her that she added poison in that food. Roja added the same poison she mixed in Aswin food.

Anu gets shock and ask them to help her. But they pushed her down and didn’t allow her to go out. Anu pleading to them to rescue her they refuse to do it by reasoning she didn’t showed mercy in Aswin matter. Arjun calls to Roja he is also teasing Anu. She plead to him to save her but he ask her to accept her all crimes. Anu refuse to do it. So Arjun ask her to die.

Anu plead to him to save her. Kalpana and Roja stopping her to go out. Arjun ask Roja to show the tonic he gave to her. She takes it out from bag. Anu understand only this tonic can save her so she tries her best to snatch it from Roja hand but she didn’t allow Anu to snatch it from her. Arjun ask her to confess the truth after that he will ask Roja to give it.

 She blabbers all truth to Kalpana in tension she record it in her phone. Arjun hearing it all through video call too. Arjun ask Kalpana to send that video to his mobile. She send it to him. Roja gives the tonic to her Anu drink it and throw it down. Roja and Kalpana lughs seeing her state. Then says to her they didn’t mixed poison in the food even she drink water not tonic. She fell in their trap. Anu got frustrated.

Kalpana and Roja visits Temple. Kalpana question Roja why did she take her to temple? She answer to her that she wanna pray for that unknown lady. She saved her without expecting anything back like the way one random lady helped her out.

Episode end.