Roja 25th February 2021 Written Update: Roja beats Anu and Yasodha

Roja 25th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says to Kalpana that Anu is behind this all. Except Anu whom will follow Roja in this house and take this videos. Kalpana says to Arjun that she don’t care about it all. She needs her son back. Arjun says to her that Aswin is in safe place he will bring him back to home. He warns Anu don’t dare to try pulls Roja leg or hurt Kalpana.

Naveen wakes Aswin. Arjun comes there and asks him to come back to house. Aswin says to Arjun that he left the home determined. Arjun asks him to talk normally. Aswin says to Arjun that Purushothaman insulted him a lot. Aswin blames Arjun that he may get money in black. Aswin blames Roja for cheating him.

Arjun says to Aswin that he is crossing his limit. If he learns the truth then he will regrets. Aswin complaints that he will support Roja if she kills someone also. Arjun says to him that Roja is innocent that’s why he is supporting her. Arjun says to Aswin that he must trust Pooja in this way too.

Aswin complaints that Roja is criminal she is a betrayer don’t trust her. Arjun asks him to stop complaining her. He is already married to Pooja so no one will seperate him from her. Arjun asks Aswin to come home reasoning Kalpana is crying for him. Aswin refuses to go with him. He asks Arjun to be alert with Roja. Arjun says to him he won’t come back till the truth comes out. He will prove Roja’s innocence and makes him pay for his words and leave from there.

Balu is peeling the vegetables. Yasodha orders Balu to cuts the vegetables soon. Annapoorna questions Yasodha what’s she doing here? Yasodha replies she is cooking because she don’t trust Roja. Roja comes there Annapoorna and Anu starts badmouthing her. Roja starts beating Anu and Yasodha and warns them. Roja takes milk and leaves from there. Yasodha complaints that Roja is dangerous person she might be careful with her. Pooja thinking about the incident.

Roja calls Pooja and asks her to talk with Aswin. Pooja is talking with Roja rudely. Pooja keeps insulting Roja. Roja tries to convince Pooja but she is not giving heeds to her. Roja asks her to believe her but Pooja complaints that Roja is not a fool to sacrifice her land for Aswin. She adds that Roja made Aswin fool inorder to get a good name from Arjun. Pooja says that she not only betrays him but also Kalpana. She ruins her life. Roja gives food to Kalpana she pushes it down.

Episode end.