Roja 25th January 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam escape from Divya

Roja 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Annpoorna and Anu reach infront of karuvarai. She ask the priest to do archana on her family members name. She mentioned everyone name except Roja. Anu question her why didn’t she mentioned her name she replies she is not considering her as her family member. Another side Shenbagam ask the priest to do archana on Roja name. She wish that Roja is her daughter she pray to god help her to meet Roja at any cost.

Something is stopping her meeting her just bless her. Annapoorna saying to priest that Anu is Shenbagam daughter after her she is her only hope. Arjun explaining to Kalpana that Aswin wish to marry Pooja with everyone blessing. Kalpana replies he can’t able to understand her situation when he turns to be an father and his childrence marry without his knowledge. Arjun assures to her that we can bring Pooja into this house because its already fixed she is the daughter in law of the house. Kalpana says if Annapoorna comes to know it then she will create an big scene here. Arjun says don’t need to inform this to her.

We can hide it from all. He will bring her to home. Here Shenbagam praying to god. Anu notice her and trying to stop Annapoorna meeting her. She ask grandma to sit somewhere and hiding her from Shenbagam. She crossed her. Anu follows her. Shenbagam praying to god. Anu wish to know whether she forget everything or acting. She mentioned her name but she didn’t turns towards her.

Anu ask vermillion to her before she giving it to her someone pushed it away. Anu says she will take it. Shenbagam smiles and leave from there. Anu calls to Divya and alerts her. Divya ask her goons to get ready to kidnap her. Shenbagam comes there and get inside auto and leaves from there.

Annapoorna talking to village priest in mobile and assures to him she will be there. Annapoorna informs to Pratap that temple function is coming so we must go there. Kalpana says she is waiting to go there for long. Annapoorna doubts why did she so excited. Annapoorna says everyone must come without fails.

Kalpana says to Arjun he might bring Pooja too. Arjun question her did she accept Pooja as daughter in law she pouts. Shenbagam going in auto. Divya stops her auto. Seeing her Shenbagam starts running from there Goons are following her so she gets inside bus and escape from there.

Episode end.