Roja 25th May 2021 Written Update: Naveen provokes Sakshi against Anu

Roja 25th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shenbagam teases Sakshi that she tied up her and commenting she is a villain. She don’t have dare to face her at all. Sakshi asks Shenbagam who is she? Shenbagam is teasing her by saying cinema dialogue. Divya comments that she is playing with Sakshi unaware of her background. Shenbagam complaints that even she don’t know her real identity then how will she know about Sakshi? Sakshi asks Shenbagam to stop playing around and asks her to say the truth. Shenbagam says to her that she is searching her identity these many days then why did she asking her about it? Divya says she won’t answer to her is she ask in this way.

Divya questions Shenbagam who is Roja? She informs to them she is like her daughter! Shenbagam questions them why are they dragging Roja in it. Sakshi refuses to answer her. Sakshi asks Divya to don’t give anything to her to drink or eat. Divya questions Sakshi why is Shenbagam talking like this? Let’s inform this to Anu then she will deal it. Sakshi Informs to her that she planned many things for her. She should not share this to Anu. Sakshi asks the constable to give water to her. Sakshi informs to her that Arjun and Chandrakantha are doing this to trap her.

Constable informs to Sakshi that Naveen and Arjun argued with each other. He shouted on Arjun in police station. Constable says to Sakshi that Naveen is angry on Arjun now. She can use him against Arjun. He may know many secrets about Arjun. Sakshi wishes to meet Naveen. Constable informs to her that she is on duty so she can’t able to contact him but she will allow her to meet Naveen in court. Constable informs to Arjun that she informed to Sakshi as he said. Arjun thank her and leaves from there.

Goons are teasing Shenbagam in drinking effect. Shenbagam release her hand without goons knowledge. She beats the goons with wood and hides. She thinks that something big is happening around her. She thinks that its not safe to meet Roja now let’s go back to Shankara hospital and informs everything to him. Divya questions the goons where is Shenbagam. They informs to her that she escaped. Divya fears what will she answer to Sakshi.

Roja comes down to pooja room. Anu notices Roja there. Roja says to god that today is very important case for Arjun. He wanna win in this case then only real heir truth will be out. Shenbagam will get justice. Anu glares her. Roja questions Anu Is she here to pray to god. Anu says to Roja that she waited for this day only. She knew well how to win in this case. Arjun challenged her how will she come back to this house? She will show it to him whom gonna be back here? Arjun whistle there to get Anu’s attention. Arjun praises Anu for having so much confidence even after knowing that she gonna loss the case.

Arjun says that she stayed in this house last year and being friend with Roja for last 20 years. He doesn’t care whether she is a wrong one good one. He is giving a last chance to her to change. He asks Anu to confess the truth to him then he will save her. He knew well that Sakshi is first culprit in this case. After knowing the truth Annapoorna will kick her out of this house. He will talk with her and asks her to leave Anu freely.

Annapoorna comes there. She consoles Anu and questions Arjun why did he consoling Anu in this time? She confirmed that he is scared of the result that’s why he is asking Anu to surrender now. Arjun says to her that she gonna see in court what’s happening there. Arjun says to Annapoorna that she will admire her grand child in 10 months. After this judgement he gonna work for it. Annapoorna asks Arjun to complete this case first. She questions Arjun where is Kalpana? Roja informs to her that Kalpana went to temple to pray for Arjun.

Annapoorna tells that all mother wanna see their child win the case. Arjun stops Annapoorna and offers lift to her. Annapoorna refuses to accept it reasoning he is in opposite team now. Arjun says to her she will definitely return in his car now. Naveen meets Sakshi and badmouthing on Arjun. He complaints that Arjun cheated him. Sakshi asks Naveen to be loyal to her. He nods to her. Naveen lies to Sakshi that Arjun and Anu joints their hands together against her. Anu gonna give statement against Sakshi in this case.

Episode end.