Roja 25th November 2020 Written Update: Roja felt emotional seeing Shenbagam in ICU

Roja 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja and Kalpana visit temple. Kalpana aak to Roja why did she takes her to temple? Roja replies to her that she wanna see that lady crossing her critical stage and get well soon for that she came here to pray for her. Kalpana praise her good heart.

Roja replies to her its not an big deal when she met with an accident one lady saved her without expecting anything if she leaves not helping her may she won’t alive today. In orphanage many donate clothes to them they too wears it happily. Sanathamoorthy used to say their happiness will turns to blessings for the person whom donated that clothes.

Kalpana says to her exactly like the way all blessings will reach to Roja for saving that lady. Roja apologise to her for taking decision in her own without asking her. Kalpana advise to her she done a good deeds so no need to ask permission to do it. Annapoorna is a good person but recently she changed she is also turning to old what to do.

They both goes in and starts to pray infront of idol. Roja prays to god to save that lady whom fighting for her live. She don’t have fear to sign for her but she really felt connected with her. Priest gives Arathi to them.

While taking a round on temple Roja and Kalpana see Vedhavalli there in temple near godess idol. Kalpana says to Roja she is Vedhavalli they met her in their acesstors temple. Roja too nods. Both goes near her. One lady informs to her that she got married before her sister in law but she gave birth to baby she didn’t yet so everyone is badmouthing on her.

 Vedhavalli smiles and replies to her that baby won’t available in ration stores. Everything is in god hand. She bless her giving Lemon to her. Roja and Kalpana goes infront of her. Vedhavalli smiles and informs to them that she expected them here. Kalpana question her they met her in someother place then how comes she expected them there.

 She close her eyes and gets a flashes of Shenbagam accident. She opens her eyes and informs to her that the way Roja donated blood to an unknown lady and signed for her. Roja gets surprise hearing it and fell on her feet to bless her. She blessed her happily. Kalpana complaints to her that Roja signed for her but Annapoorna keeps blaming her for it. She close her eyes and gets a flashes of the accident happened in 20 years before.

Vedhavalli replies to her she saved an person whom gave live to her. She replies as pardon. Vedhavalli says to them that Annapoorna thinking she saved an unknown person that’s why blaming her but one day she will realize the truth on that day she will praise her.

She gets up and remove the rope which tied on her hand and gives it to Roja then says its went to 108 Shakthi peedam very powerful one. Tie it around that lady soon everything will be alright. Its time to realize the blood relation. Kalpana says she can’t able to understand anything. Vedhavalli smiles and leaves from there blessing them.

Manickam assisstant waiting for Roja. Kalpana and Roja reach the hospital from temple. Manickam assisstant informs to Roja that Lady got well now shifted to ward. Roja and Kalpana says to her that her prayer god listened just before they went to temple pray for her now she got well. Roja ask her to allow her to meet her one time. She takes her near her ward. Roja goes in and feels emotional seeing her. She shares her feelings to her and tied the rope around her hand. While going back Shenbagam hold her hand.

Episode end.