Roja 25th September 2020 Written Update: Annapoorna insulting Roja

Roja 25th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kalpana entering into Arjun room where they are discussing about Aswin . Kalpana says to Roja if she finish this shiv Parvathy pooja well then Annapoorna will accept her wholehearted.

 Arjun replies uninterestedly why did they always hanging with poojas and pariharam its already high time he is tolerating it. Kalpana says to him don’t look down on it if elders saying it then something good will be behind it. Roja commented that Arjun don’t know anything about it so explain to her about the pooja.

Kalpana says when they go to temple they will give garlands to them its name as wedding garland and there is one pond that’s name is wedding pond . Simply they wanna float the garlands in pond if its join in the end then no one can separate them. Anu listening them . Kalpana gives Shenbakam sarie to Roja and says Shenbagam gave it to her on her daughter first birthday and asked her to gift this sarie to Arjun wife.

Arjun thinks Roja is her daughter he will prove it soon. Roja reminds her blurry past spend with her mom. Kalpana turns to emotiona thinking about Shenbakam. Anu hears it and decided to inform to Annapoorna. Kalpana says if Roja is Shenbagam daughter then she will be so happy .

Anu reached jim , Sakshi makes her join the jim and takes an locker. Anu warns her if Arjun comes to know it then its so risk.

Shenbagam taking appointments in hospital , hearing Roja name she remind Roja and wished to contact her , she collect her address from system. Hearing that address name she remind her blurry past .

Roja got ready in that gifted sarie beautifully , Arjun praise her beauty and takes selfie with her. Annapoorna ask Kalpana to bring her fast. Arjun and Roja comes down Anu glares them and whispered Grandy to notice her sarie. She got shocked seeing it she shout on Kalpana why did she give that sarie to Roja.

Kalpana replies that Shenbagam asked her to gift this to Arjun wife. Grandy says no she is lie perhaps she asked to give it to Anu why did she give it to Orphan Roja. She starts to cry hearing it . Pratap talks favourable to Roja like Kalpana . Annapoorna badmouth on Roja and tries to remove her sarie taking Anu side.

 She often ask Roja to change the sarie or else she won’t participate in pooja. Roja cries and about to go Arjun stops her and says if she change it he won’t come with her. He walked near to Anu and ask to her who should wear it ? Annapoorna says to him don’t threaten her . He again ask to Anu who should wear the sarie.