Roja 26th January 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna insulting Roja

Roja 26th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kalpana saying to Arjun and Roja they must bring Pooja to temple. If they get blessing from our ancient temple then they can lead a happy life together. Roja ask to her that Annapoorna also coming with them she will question them why did she coming with us?

Kalpana replies she must ask them but what will we do now they are married so they might get blessings from god. Its Arjun duty to bring her here. Shenbagam travelling in bus. Divya car stopped it. Shenbagam hides one passenger face with the shawl and gets down from bus. Goons search for her but couldn’t find her. Shenbagam hiding from their sight. After they gets down from the bus she enters into it.

Goons inform to them that she is not there. The leaves from there. Anu is walking tensely in her room. Arjun’s family is coming to the village. They are singing to boost up the mood. Some guys are drinking on-road and notice one girl coming in scooty and starts misbehaving with her. She is pleading with them to leave her. Arjun asks the driver to stop the bus and asks the guys to leave her but they deny it. Pratap comes there and asks Arjun to get inside the bus. He informs him that they are misbehaving with the girl.

They starts threaten him. Arjun fights with them. That girl leaves from there. Goons starts beating Arjun. Roja and Kalpana gets down from bus seeing it. Roja starts beating the goon first. Annapoorna, Kalpana joins with her. They shows black and blue to them. Village people comes there and lashes out at that guys. Annapoorna question them why did they behaving like this? He replies they are rich kids so they are roaming in this village without job.

Annapoorna asks him to send them to panchayath and give punishment to them. Arjun calls Aswin and enquires him where was he? He replies that he is on the way to the village. He will reach at evening. He informs Aswin he booked one place for them to stay. Aswin flirting with Pooja. They reached the house. The village head introduces the servant to them. Annapoorna says to Kalpana that she will help her to prepare the prasadham.

Annapoorna says that they came here happily but something worst happened in middle. Roja says its happened for good that’s why she saw her love on Arjun. Annapoorna shouts on her so she is trying to say only she loves him not her. She says to her he is her first grand child. She is the one kept Arjun name for him. After that only she entered into his life. Roja says she didn’t mentioned it but her fight.

Annapoorna misunderstand it and says she is blaming her as fighter cock. Yasodha complaints she is saying that Annapoorna ruining everyone happiness. Anu too support her. Arjun says stop it she is trying to seperate Annapoorna from him. She is not belongs to this family that’s why her thoughts is like this. Annapoorna says she is Shenbagam daughter she don’t like Roja comes to this village.

Episode end.