Roja 26th May 2021 Written Update: Naveen provokes Anu against Sakshi

Roja 26th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sakshi meets Naveen in jail. Sakshi says to him if he supports her then he would have settled in his life. Naveen says to her that Arjun cheated him. He gave idea and points to him in all his case. Sakshi asks Naveen to be loyal to her. If he reveals the evidence details to her then she will divert the case through her lawyer. Naveen says to her big planning going behind this case. Sakshi may thinking that Arjun is her enemy but the real twist is Anu is her real enemy here. Anu already decided to give statement against Sakshi in this case after joining hands with Arjun. Anu is planning to escape from this case giving statement against her. Naveen asks Sakshi to be alert.

Sakshi says to him that Anu won’t betray her. Naveen says to her may be Anu is innocent but Arjun is not. If she never alert now then she will be in danger. Sakshi asks him to give some idea to her. He asks her to give the message to Anu how he is saying. She nods and asks him to give his phone. Naveen says to her that there is a chance that Arjun may traces his phone call. He asks her to pass the letter. Sakshi decides to give that letter to Anu. Sakshi asks him to give the letter but he deny it reasoning Arjun will find out the truth so he asks her to give it straightly to Anu.

Arjun and Roja reaches to court. Chandrakantha welcomes Arjun and says to him its important day. If they moves carefully then they can give good punishment to her. Arjun says to her that he already informed this to Anu she is also scared now. She appreciates his idea. This will help them to trap them in this case well.

Arjun says that he wanna prove that Roja is their house heir then only Annapoorna will believe it. Chandrakantha says that she won’t believe it if god comes down and say it to her. She leaves from there. Annapoorna comes there along with Manickam and Anu. Anu complaints that Arjun is already planning something before itself. Manickam says to her he is not a joke he will argue well in court for his daughter and make her win in this. He asks her to be confident. Just then Shanthamoorthy comes there with police protection. All are staring him. Shanthamoorthy shouts as Priya and says to her that she lived in his orphanage and ate his blood and food. Now she is here to fight against him. What sin he did to her why is she torturing him? Why is she torturing Roja? Doesn’t she helped her a lot to her but she forgot everything and behaving like this. Manickam asks Shanthamoorthy to remind that he is murderer. Shanthamoorthy says to him it will reveal soon in court.

Shanthakoorthy alerts Manickam that Priya is wrong one. No one can’t save Priya from her own deeds. Her sin will definitely make her punished. Manickam questions him Is he believing Arjun will save him? Shanthamoorthy says to him that god will save him Arjun is just messenger of him. Anu questions him how dare him to talk to her father in this way? Her father is a big lawyer. Shanthamoorthy questions Anu Is Manickam her father? Roja is real daughter of him.

Shanthamoorthy says to her that may Mamickam is unaware of it but he knew it well. Future will answer to it. Annapoorna supports Anu but he comments that she didn’t understand anything after this much happened. He questions her does Anu has any good qualities of her daughter? Anu is a criminal. Raja meets Shanthamoorthy. He says to her nothing will go wrong. Soon truth will be out and all will learn her true identity. He assures to her that nothing happen to him till the truth is out. Manickam leaves from there. Anu sends Annapoorna too. Naveen comes there and informs to Anu that he is feeling pity to see her. She thought Sakshi is her friend but she surrender in this case.

Naveen says to her that Sakshi gave statement against her and she escaped. Anu questions him Is he saying the truth? Anu says to him that Sakshi won’t betray her. Naveen says to her that Sakshi is using her in this case. She is a bored criminal hoe could she think that she will save her? She is the main culprit in this case then why should she save her? Naveen asks Anu to hide this from Arjun. Sakshi comes there and pass the letter to Anu.

Episode end.