Roja 26th November 2020 Written Update: Anu learned the truth

Roja 26th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja tied the rope on Shenbagam hand and about to go. Shenbagam hold her hand. Roja turns back and feels emotionally seeing her she remind the way she hold Shenbagam hand while she met with an accident. Their emotional connections are showing there with few past flashes of them.

Roja caress her hand and goes out. Anu is sitting in her room and thinking about the morning incident. How did Roja and Kalpana torture her in room. Arjun force her to confess the truth to him.  The way Kalpana and Roja teased her not giving the tonic to her. Kalpana revealed to her that they lied to Anu that they mixed poison in food. Anu bangs on bed frustrated. She felt cheated there.

Here doctor checking Shenbagam and informs to Nurse that one scan is remain for this patient. Ask her care taker to take it immediately. Nurse replies to him.  The lady whom take caring of her went out for an urgent work she ask me to inform everything to her daughter Roja in her absence. Doctor ask her to inform this to Roja then.

 Nurse nods. Anu walking hear and there in tension. Annapoorna calls her she picks the phone. She ask to her did she drink anything? She replies as no. She informs to Anu that she is on the way she will bring her favourite juice for her. Anu ask her to come back soon and disconnect the call. Nurse comes there and calls for Roja. She ask her to come in and question her why did she searching for Roja?

 Nurse informs to her that Roja mom was admitted in hospital so she wanna take immediate scan. Anu gets surprise hearing it she ask to her who is Roja mother? Nurse narrates to her that Roja donated blood to her mom Shenbagam and even signed for her. She was admitted in our hospital. Now she wanna take scan that’s why she is searching for her.

Anu lies to her that Roja went out she will inform to her. Anu thinks that Manickam whom admitted this lady, Roja donated blood. Her blood is same as her. Even Manickam ask her to donate blood. Something is wrong here. Is they planning something together? Before Kalpana and Annapoorna seeing her she wanna do something to that Shenbagam.

Anu goes out to check. Nurse and strecher boy taking Shenbagam to scan. While going strecher boy get a call he moves to attend it. Nurse to moves a bit leaving the report there. Anu crossed her and turns back to her.

She got the shock of her life seeing Shenbagam alive there. She checks the report Roja name was in it in daughter place. Anu moves from there. Her inner soul comes there and warns her she gonna caught so its better to discharge from here soon. Before someone seeing her. After that let’s think what should do with her?

When she return to her room she gets shocked all family members are there. Anu creates a scene and asked Annapoorna to discharge her soon. She and doctor tries their best to convince her but went in vain. She stood adamant in her decision. Roja complaints she got scared seeing something. Anu forcefully makes them discharge her. While going they forget to take Anu report. Annapoorna going to take it but enters into Shenbagam ward.

Episode end.