Roja 26th October 2020 Written Update: Arjun challenging Inspector

Roja 26th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Pooja slapping Anu and pushed Yasodha away. Anu tries to shout on her but Pooja again slapped her. Annapoorna stops her and ask Pooja to get out from there. She replies to her she won’t go from there. Annapoorna threaten her she has no rights to say it. Pooja replies to her she has all rights on him so don’t try to send her out.

Annapoorna ask Kalpana to send Pooja out. She stands there in silent. Annapoorna threaten Pooja if she don’t leave from here she will call police. Pooja says to her call the police she don’t care about it she sits on the floor and warns then she won’t move from here till police come. Anu says to her don’t do pretend like she has rights on him she is doing this all for attention and money.

Pooja says to her if she has dare call the police she will say to them her relationship with him. Then she will announce to all that whom she is to him? Annapoorna comments she is doing this all for money. She seduced Aswin for his money because from childhood she used to see their rich life so she wanna use it. Pooja listen her patiently but burst out when Anu complaints she has no rights on Aswin. Pooja about to reveal her marriage thing to them Arjun stops her and ask her to keep calm he will clear it all. He helps her to stand.

While talking Yasodha reveals to him this Pooja is also not less she will also mix poison in the sweet. Arjun noticed her word and ask to Yasodha what did she said? Poison mixed in the Athirasam. Arjun ask to her that they came to know poison mixed in Athirasam few minutes before that too after doctor confirmed it then how comes she know about it earlier.

Yasodha reveals to him that Anu find out Roja whom mixed poison in the sweet. Arjun got angry and shout on her how dare her to blame Roja for it. Anu says fo him that Roja whom done it to kill everyone in the house. Arjun shouts on her. Even Annapoorna says the same and informed to him that she is in jail now.

Arjun got angry and slapped Balu and get to know the truth from him. He ask to Pooja did she believing it she deny it. He ask her to show it to them then. Pooja starts to beat Anu and slapping her. Annapoorna tries to stop her but went in vain. Annapoorna ask to Kalpana to stop her but she replies to her she won’t because she done a mistake by sending Roja to jail without informing to her.

Arjun warns everyone there that he won’t show mercy to anyone there if something happen to Roja including Annapoorna. Annapoorna complaints to Kalpana she too supports Arjun and left from there.

Inspector came back to police station and ask to constable did Roja confessed anything. She replies to her as no.  She ask to her Is someone gives biriyani to all? Constable nods. Inspector starts to eat it showing to Roja she didn’t heed to her. Arjun enters in and glared inspector. Inspector ask to him who is he?

Why did he going to jail without informing to her. Arjun replies to her why should he dusturb the person whom eating in others money. She starts to cough hearing it. Arjun enters into the jail. Roja turns happy seeing him there both hugged each other.

 Inspector ask to her Is he her husband? She ask him to come out but he didn’t. He starts to take photo of Roja for evidence against them to prove to human rights commission that police tortured Roja. He challenging her that he will release Roja in 2 hours.