Roja 27th February 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna asks Roja to leave the house

Roja 27th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prema advising to Pooja. She keeps saying to Pooja that Aswin betrayed her. He has nothing in his hand. If she go with him none will accept her, as their daughter in law. Purushothaman says to Pooja that Aswin is not going to protects her if she ends up with him she will stand in court. He adds that he wishes to see Pooja going to his sister house. Pooja says that Roja done mistake then why did he commenting bad on Aswin.

Purushothaman says not only Roja but Annapoorna family are same betrayers. Purushothamam says to Pooja clearly that he can’t allow her to marry Aswin. Devi calls to Purushothaman and informs to him that she is coming next week. She wishes to talk with Pooja. Purushothaman give phone to Pooja but she refuses to talk with her. Devi advises him and disconnect the call. Purushothaman feels sad seeing Pooja’s behaviour. Pooja cries. Prema advises to her husband.

Arjun is in police station. He shows the video to Chandrakantha. She is watching the video. Chandrakantha says to Arjun that she knew well Registar is behind this. She can’t able to arrest him without evidence. One police officer comes there and informs to him that no cctv camera works in register office. He mentions mari name to her. He brings Register office staff there and narrates everything to him. He agrees to help them out in their secret plan.

Pooja is crying in her roo. Her father says to her that he is going to give a chance to Aswin for her mother’s word. He asks her to don’t take wrong decision. Purushothaman asks her to give one promise. He likes Aswin he is a good person but he dislikes his family. He asks Pooja to call Aswin here he wants to talk with him. Pooja says to him that she wishes to live with him. Anu thinks that Arjun starts investigate the case. He will find out Anu is behind it. She wants to stop Arjun. If she kicks out Roja then he will fights with all and leaves the house.

Doctor checks Kalpana and says that she is weak. Only food can help her to cure well. Annapoorna advises her to eat well. Roja comes there. Seeing her Kalpana says to Annapoorna she wishes to be alone. Annapoorna lashes out at Roja. Roja prays to god. Anu says to Annapoorna there is only way to cure Kalpana. If she kicks out Roja then Kalpana will be happy. Balu says if Roja leaves then Aswin will come back.

Annapoorna asks Roja to leave the house reasoning Kalpana’s state. Roja says to her she will leave once Arjun come. Yasodha says she is acting. Anu pulls Roja hair and asks her to leave for everyone sake. Arjun comes there. Roja goes near him in tears. Seeing him everyone gets fear. Arjun removes his belt and starts beating Balu. He says to them this for all whom tries to send Roja out of the house. Kalpana and Pratap comes there. Arjun narrates it to her. Arjun says to Kalpana if she asks Roja to leave the house he will send her out.

Episode end.